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Dede Wakefield

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Peachtree Corners, Georgia

Founded: 1995

Industry: Financial Services

Dede Wakefield says to trust the people you’ve surrounded yourself with. “You have to listen more, talk less and when discussing a situation and possible solutions, pause before stepping in with an answer,” Wakefield said. “This naturally lets different ways to solve the surface during that silence.”

Although her leadership style relies on pausing to listen, she has always moved forward as a Titan in the financial industry, now serving as the CEO of Alogent.

Alogent is the market leader in providing banks and credit unions with deposit automation, item processing, enterprise information management, loan origination and digital banking solutions. The firm’s unique approach spans the entire transaction ecosystem from capturing and digitizing data like checks and loan documents to automating transaction workflows and removing manual processes to making information available whenever and wherever it is needed. Alogent strives to meet strategic goals related to account growth, efficiency, cost reduction and operational resilience.

Before she was a founding member of Alogent, Wakefield was the Chief Financial Officer at GT Nexus, the Senior Vice President of Finance for global payments and the VP of corporate finance for CheckFree Corporation. At Alogent, she guides corporate vision, mission, values and strategic plans, and is ultimately responsible for delivering on commitments to clients and partners.

The company supports more than 170,000 front counter seats, 143,000 ATMS and ITMs, more than 320 million mobile transactions and more than 4 million digital banking users all with consistent attention to user experience, efficiency and fraud-loss prevention.

With Wakefield as CEO, Alogent has been named to the Georgia Fast 40 from the Atlanta Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth. The award is reserved for companies headquartered in Georgia with year-end revenues between $15 million and $500 million.

Wakefield credits the success to perseverance, hard work and a knack for developing solutions to both existing and unforeseen obstacles. “I plan to continue to push my organization to innovate and be thought leaders in our industry, providing a balanced amount of autonomy and authority along the way, instilling trust in the people I work with and exercising servant leadership,” said Wakefield. “Having a passion for what I do and the customers and employees that I serve will continue to drive my decisions.”

For her passion and success within the financial industry, Wakefield has been named a Titan.

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DeDe wakes up at 5:00am each morning to start her day with a run


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