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David Cocchiara

Chief Executive Officer

OfficeSpace Software

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2004

Industry: Technology

OfficeSpace Software CEO David Cocchiara says strong teams are the foundation to a strong business. “I’ve learned that it is possible to lead with your heart, recognize everyone is human and build successful businesses and teams,” Cocchiara said. “We must remember that everyone on the team is a person first. We are all human and we must treat each other with kindness and respect.”

That foundation is critical to organizational success, he said. “When we do this — when we embody this — we find we can lead with empathy and people will want to follow you, want to support you and want to succeed with you.”

Success is something Cocchiara and his team strives for at Officespace. “OfficeSpace helps companies create a better workplace for their people — no matter where they sit or how often they go into a workspace,” said Cocchiara.

For nearly two decades, OfficeSpace Software has helped companies solve and plan for the evolving challenges of the dynamic workforce. OfficeSpace, the creator of better workplaces, helps companies navigate workplace disruptions and manage workplace dynamics, and it is the only workplace management software that gives users an innovative platform, an intuitive experience and an invested team. The company’s mission is to deliver everything that’s needed to make the workplace work for everyone.

Cocchiara joined the company in 2020 with a mission to scale the company. Over the past 18 months, the company has tripled in size and the growth trajectory continues to outpace expectations. “David is an insightful, dynamic, compassionate and empathetic leader known for building organizations with a relentless commitment to sustainable long-term growth,” said his colleagues. “He is respected for cultivating a strong team infrastructure and igniting capabilities through synergy to produce optimized results and recognized for refining employee engagement and inspiring customer-centric solutions.”

With more than 20 years in the technology and finance sectors, Cocchiara’s experience ranges from accounting, operations, marketing and human resources to customer success functions. At Officespace, this helps him to connect with clients and employees on a personal level to accomplish the impossible together, said his staff.

“I’m committed to developing and advocating advanced technologies to enable leaders to manage employee productivity, transform engagement and reimagine their experience overall,” said Cocchiara. “I will continue to push the boundaries in terms of how companies use their current and future workspace to enhance the employee experience.”

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Did you know?

As an avid tennis player, David has recently competed in multiple city championships around Atlanta, GA. He enjoys traveling and attending sporting events with his family.


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