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David Cantor Mind & Motion Developmental Centers Of Georgia

David S. Cantor, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer

Mind and Motion Developmental Centers of Georgia

Location: Suwanee, Georgia

Founded: 2016

Industry: Integrated Multidisciplinary Health Services

As a pediatric neuropsychologist in private practice in the 1990s, Dr. David S. Cantor treated children who had complex developmental and mental health disabilities. He found that almost all patients required more than one discipline of therapy to achieve their potential, but the families he worked with often could not get access to multiple therapies. The three main obstacles these families were facing were financial, logistical and lack of communication between providers.

Cantor was committed to resolving these issues and dedicated to enhancing the lives of his patients, regardless of status. As a result, Mind and Motion Developmental Centers of Georgia evolved.

Mind and Motion Development Center strives to assist clients in recognizing, increasing and achieving their optimized potential for greater success in everyday life. The firm offers an all-encompassing set of integrative health services with a multidisciplinary team that applies brain-based technicians and evidence-based treatment interventions.

The conceptualization of this innovative practice model was the creation of Cantor, who specializes in the treatment of clients with developmental disabilities. He sought to include some of the more advanced tools in applied clinical neuroscience into a private practice setting to offer cutting edge technologies to serve this population.

“While this is a story of a creative conceptualization and vision, a major factor to help make the business was the contribution by family members,” said his staff. At the outset, Cantor’s mother served as the office manager, his father provided guidance about marketing and PR strategies, and his son joined the business to guide the branding of the company.

The vision of the practice also benefited from Cantor’s experience and his leadership. “I have endeavored to position myself as both a leader in the realm of research and in applications and have been selected as a leader of professional international societies,” Cantor said. “In this way, stay current on trends for new tools in the industry, who the leaders are in the fields and innovative processes of delivery worldwide.”

Cantor said it’s important to listen to your staff and your clients. “I have learned to never assume the intentions of others and to always regard any opportunity as an avenue for growth and something new to learn.”

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Did you know?

Dr. Cantor is the only person who has competed in every one of the 30 years of a local neighborhood “Calcutta” Tennis Tournament which dedicates funds to support “Special Pops Tennis”, a non-profit organization supporting adaptive tennis training playing opportunities for those with developmental disorders.


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