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Danielle Millman


Otter Learning

Location: Athens, Georgia

Founded: 2018

Industry: Education

One of the most important leadership lessons Danielle Millman learned is to always have so much more to learn. “Lifelong learning is critical, and my focus has shifted to becoming a better version of myself each day,” Millman said. “I am surrounded by individuals who are experts in something, and I am honored to continue to learn from each person I come in contact with over the years.”

As the Chief Growth and Experience Officer for Endeavor Schools, Millman said her goal is to help others, employees and students, develop a true passion for lifelong learning and an appreciation for the amazing knowledge others can learn from each other.

The mission of Endeavor Schools is to empower its schools with the tools, resources and support required to deliver on the promises made to its children and families. The vision is to create optimal teaching and learning environments that transform the lives of those we serve.

Millman joined Endeavor Schools in 2014 when the company had only three schools. She has been critical in the growth of the organization and the support of the schools as the company has grown to 70 schools in 7.5 years. “Danielle has been a part of every school in our organization, either by integrating the schools personally or supporting the leadership after integration,” said her colleagues.

She has served as the VP of Operations, the Chief Operations Officer and most recently serves as the Chief Growth and Experience Officer. Millman speaks regularly at early childhood and education and leadership conferences and is described as a leader who empowers others. “Danielle has always prioritized growth and ensuring the development of talented leaders,” said her staff.

Millman also played a crucial role in guiding the company through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the education industry shifts, recovering from the pandemic, it’s critical that we, as leaders, are innovative and thoughtful about how we educate students moving forward,” said Millman. “We have two years of intermittent academic, social emotional and community learning to overcome.”

Millman said the student and family experience must change because their needs have changed. “I will ensure leaders have the training and tools to support those needs, continuing to advocate for additional resources through every agency possible,” she said. “Prioritizing the student and family experience is essential, and their needs are far greater post pandemic.”

Danielle is excited to continue her passion of lifelong learning as she has accepted a new position as President of Otter Learning. “

For her unending commitment to education and lifelong learning, Millman has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

Danielle is an avid football fan! She is a football Mom given her son has played his entire life and now plays Division 1 College Football. She was an athlete herself over the years and just loves sports in general!


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