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Christopher Schueler

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2007

Industry: Information Security

More than 20 years ago, Christopher Schueler began his journey in the world of information security and has had wide-range success as a proven leader in cyber security and cloud industry, spanning diverse areas including sales and marketing. As the CEO of Simeio, Schueler said bringing a culture of continuous progress in the organization has been his core goal.

“I do not believe in having a specific strategy to remain influential or be an industry leader,” said Schueler. “My goal is to constantly add value, keep enhancing the culture of the organization I am in, and lift people around me so they can become the best version of themselves.”

Simeio is an award-winning global-managed services provider of identity and access management, delivered as a service and interoperable with leading IAM tools. With 700+ employees worldwide, Simeio secures over 160 million identities globally for large enterprises and government entities.

Schueler joined Simeio as the chief executive officer in 2020 to scale the organization to become a global leader in managed identity services. “He is driving the company toward a growth trajectory backed with an aggressive go-to-market strategy, global expansions – both client footprint and organization presence — and a focus on building a world-class culture,” said his colleagues.

Within a year under his leadership, Simeio grew its new client base by more than 50% and the business performed above the plan for revenue and EBITDA.

Chris’ career journey has had a noteworthy impact on Simeio, said his staff. “With transformational initiatives for people, and for clients, focus on increased operational efficiency, and instilling a vibrant, and progress-driven culture, Chris truly has invested in building a strong future for Simeio,” they said. “Chris has been instrumental in leading Simeio’s market reputation in the managed identity services segment.”

During his time as the CEO, Simeio won one of the largest healthcare brands and a large enhancement project in the SLED market that has established Simeio’s capability to deliver on large accounts and user base. He has also introduced a solid people strategy to scale Simeio’s human capital program focused on an aggressive global presence and expansion.

Schueler regularly contributes to Forbes Technology Council with his thought-leadership focused bylines and was named in the 6 Coolest Identity Management CEOs of 2021 list by Solutions Review magazine.

“Chris is a true Titan who is transforming Simeio and scaling it to the next level,” said his colleagues.

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Did you know?

Chris is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a black belt in Japanese Martial Arts, Taido.


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