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Chrissa McFarlane

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Patientory Inc.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2015

Industry: Healthcare IT and Blockchain Technology

From a young age, as she immigrated with her family from Jamaica to New York City, Chrissa McFarlane was always attracted to the medical field and dreamed of becoming a surgeon. She said her childhood experiences were a driving factor in her decision to pursue entrepreneurship while helping her parents start their own business.

McFarlane took the plunge into entrepreneurship with a desire to provide a solution that would help impact day-to-day routines in healthcare and assist others in making healthy decisions. After witnessing the shortcomings of the healthcare system when trying to receive care, she envisioned a company that would empower users to own, manage, transfer and share their healthcare data securely using blockchain technology and unique machine-learning algorithms. Shortly after, she founded Patientory Inc.

“After working more than a decade in the healthcare technology industry, I realized there was a need for more personalized, secure and customer-driven health information management solutions,” said McFarlane.

Patientory democratizes individual ownership of the world’s health data and incentives to improve health outcomes. The firm is a population health data management and analytics company with two decentralized applications. Through the mobile app and the enterprise software tool, patients are provided with ownership, insights and enterprises with comprehensive healthcare data intelligence.

“Chrissa has achieved more success in the last few years; however, the challenges and opportunities she faced across her journey tell us a deeper story about the founder and CEO she is today,” said her staff. “It was quite challenging and difficult for her as a female CEO and minority woman in the industry mainly dominated by males. Despite the setbacks, she utilized her own creativity and technology knowledge on finding a solution.”

In the span of only a few years after founding Patientory Inc., McFarlane has established an international reputation as an expert on blockchain technology in healthcare. She has been named one of the top women leaving their mark on the MedTech field in Health IT by Becker’s Hospital review and is a digital health influencer for HIMSS and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

“Through all her work, Chrissa advocates for best practices and the highest ethical standards for patients,” said her staff. “She has encouraged cross disciplinary collaboration and has uplifted women in the space.”

For her commitment to leadership, healthcare and empowerment, McFarlane has been named a Titan.

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Did you know?

A fun fact of Chrissa McFarlane is that she likes snorkeling and has been to over 20 beaches internationally.


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