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Charles Crawford

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Hyperion Bank

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2006

Industry: Banking

Charles B. Crawford Jr. describes himself as a lifelong learner. His colleagues describe him as an unwitting leadership mentor who has been a champion of community banking for more than 30 years.

“Charlie is an all-around affable guy. He’s not a leader who talks about taking everyone on the journey with him,” said his staff. “He makes that real, day in and day out.”

As the President and Chairman of Hyperion Bank, he takes a coaching approach to leadership, especially in business, but also in his many community leadership roles. “That’s why everyone from bank customers to employees to shareholders to regulators and competitors like and respect him, even when they may disagree,” said his colleagues.

Hyperion Bank serves the banking needs of the greater Philadelphia and Atlanta regions, aspiring to be an integral member of the diverse communities it serves by delivering the highest quality service to customers. The bank blends historic community banking values with modern tech, serving customers with local decision-making made by experienced professionals who know their communities.

It was in 2017, through a former shareholder of one of his previous community bank startups, that Crawford learned about Philadelphia-based Hyperion Bank, which was experiencing some challenges. Crawford joined the bank and helped recapitalize it and has been instrumental in expanding the bank to Atlanta, tripling earnings and launching a joint venture mortgage company. Under Crawford’s leadership, Hyperion loans have increased by 13%, deposits have increased by 28% and total assets are 23% higher.

Prior to his work at Hyperion, Crawford founded and led three successful community banks where he surrounded himself with great people who work hard because they see him working hard and are encouraged by him, said his staff.

According to his staff, Crawford lives by the philosophy to enjoy the journey. “He seems to truly live by that philosophy, especially in the many ways in which he gives back,” they said. Crawford’s successes have resulted in entrepreneurship awards; he has been among the 55 nominees for the Leadership Character Award and an honoree for the Buillish on Buckhead Award.

“One thing is for sure — he always uses occasions to shine a light on the organizations themselves and on everyone on his teams, from fellow community collaborators to employees and business associations, and always, family,” said his colleagues. “Charlie has maintained strong and heartfelt family and community ties and is always available to help others launch.”

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Did you know?

Charlie is an avid fitness enthusiast and runner. During a bad winter storm a few years back, the bank he (founded and) helmed at the time, had to close for the day; still, a bank customer needed some time-sensitive business transacted. Charlie laced up his shoes and literally ran from his home to the bank to ensure the customer had what they needed.


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