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Charlene Charley Carter

Chief Development Officer

The Carver Companies

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2013

Industry: Hospitality

For 34 years, Charlene “Charley” Carter has dedicated her career to servicing all facets of the hospitality industry. She held multiple positions in operations, sales and food and beverage before launching her first entrepreneurial role as principal of Atlanta Hospitality Group, which grossed just shy of $1 million in its first year of operation.

By 2003, Carter founded the Carver Consulting Group, successfully managing and operating over 20 hotels during a 5-year span. In 2013, she was named the co-founder and chief development officer of Carver Hotel Group, where she is responsible for enhancing the company’s visibility and maximizing revenue growth.

Carver Hotel Group, a subsidiary of The Carver Companies, is a task force staffing agency that coordinates the temporary on-site placement of independent contractors with specialized knowledge and professional expertise in the hotel industry to provide operations management, sales and marketing services to hotels.

According to Carter, her success and the firm’s success relates directly to effective leadership. “Effective leadership is vitally important, and it provides clarity of purpose, motivates and is the leading force to having a successful organization,” she said. “Teaching the importance of self-awareness that exudes confidence, which leads to knowing who you are, leading by example and being committed to raising other leaders, are all important leadership lessons.”

The Carver Companies is the leading Hospitality Task Force Agency across the United States. Carter’s hotel parent portfolio consists of Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, Hyatt, Destination Hotels and more. She has been featured in Hotel Management as one of the Influential Women in Hospitality, was awarded the Spirit Award and named in Who’s Who of Black Atlanta.

“The power of influence is one of the single most important qualities of leadership by performing what others believe to be important, being a great listener, treating people with respect and showing interest in others’ ideas,” said Carter. “To remain an industry leader as well as an influencer, we must set ourselves apart from the competition and continuously provide high quality services to our clients. Doing so helps in the overall elevation of our company.”

For her commitment to moving forward, leading by example and lending her expertise to the hospitality industry, Carter has been named a Titan.

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Charley enjoys a good bargain. You’ll find her scouting out all the finest Vintage and Thrift stores throughout Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta.


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