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Carnellia Ajasin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mind Katalyst

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2011

Industry: Technology

Carnellia Ajasin’s curiosity about technology, business and impact was nurtured and influenced early in her life. Her mother’s influence of technology, arts and business and the language and activities around those subjects were very familiar while she was growing up. “Very early on during college, I saw a career in technology as a vehicle for creative problem solving,” said Ajasin. As a result, she founded Mind Katalyst in 2011 after holding senior-level roles at leading enterprise-wide technology firms.

“The wonderful thing about the work that I do today in business and product building is a culmination of making an impact through investing and providing resources to founders and organizations creating real value in the world via innovative products that improve lives.”

Mind Katalyst is a humanity-centered technology innovation venture studio. From digital to physical, the company specializes in applying human-centered design principles to help clients define, design and develop software and hardware products that achieve business objectives, relevance, meaning and competitive advantage.

“I live and lead at the intersection of strategy, design and technology,” said Ajasin. “I ensure that all of what we imagine and make is designed to deliver profitable growth for our clients and partners.”

Her success has led to a nomination for the Mentor of the Year, she was featured in Female Tech Leaders magazine and currently serves as the Atlanta Market Director for Women Entrepreneurs Inc.

“My vision and belief are that we are doing something meaningful for those interested in improving the way software is built and meaning innovation is realized,” said Ajasin. “When I started my business, I knew I wanted to create a business that aligned with my values, principles and promoted having a full life of purpose and meaning.”

Described as a passionate innovator, futurist, entrepreneur, and advocate for all things creative, disruptive and inclusive, Ajasin said she wants Mind Katalyst to be a place where the team cares about something bigger, co-creating and investing in products that address human needs.

“What I’ve learned as a business leader is that I inspire and attract the right people and opportunities when I am consciously operating and leading from the inside out,” said Ajasin. “I plan to remain influential as an industry leader by staying true to my values and principles: purpose driven, empathetic and authentic toward my mission of putting humanity first in all that I do.”

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