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Bernard McGuinness

Chief Executive Officer

Majestic Care

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2019

Industry: Post Acute Care

Bernard McGuinness began his career in the long-term healthcare industry at 16 as a certified nursing assistant and licensed practical nurse. He quickly realized he wanted to affect change at a higher level, so he worked through the ranks as a staff nurse, unit manager and eventually a health facility administrator. He now serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Majestic Care.

“He always had a vision on how he would operate a long-term care company, putting the employees at the heart of everything,” said his staff. “Bernie’s ability to lead and build relationships is like no other and one of his greatest attributes.”

These attributes led to the launch of Majestic Care, a post-acute care organization that provides community-based skilled nursing specializing in clinical services on local needs. Services include short-term rehabilitation, long-term care and memory care.

“We want to provide our patients with a unique person-centered approach through compassion, understanding, respect and innovative clinical strategies,” said McGuinness.

In three years, McGuinness has led the company that has grown to 32 nursing homes across Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan, with hopes to expand into Georgia, Florida and other states across the nation. “Majestic Care will continue to put the care team members at the heart of every decision from employee perks and benefits to creative staffing, leading to better relations among staff, and therefore, better staff and patient relations as well.”

According to his staff, McGuinness is the driving force behind the organization and is committed to building the best team. “Bernie’s belief in others and the potential he sees with his leadership is not often seen in leaders across the country,” they said. “Bernie is open minded and allows his team to lead effectively while providing guidance and mentorship when needed.”

His expertise is in demand, too. McGuinness has been asked to speak on podcasts including Circle City Success and continues to lead with a hands-on approach to tackle problems that occur with referrals, staffing and technology. At the helm, McGuinness has been a key part of revolutionizing how post acute care is provided at Majestic Care, focusing on advancements in technology, streamlining automated referral processes and better centralizing data collections from patients to gain a wholistic perspective of what they need in terms of health care.

“Bernie has the unique attribution of having a background in both business and as a clinician,” said his staff. “All of these characteristics, attributions and life experiences combined make Bernie the leader that he is, in and out of a professional setting.”

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Did you know?

Bernie McGuinness has an extreme passion for pop culture and trivia. There is not a song that he can’t name, an artist he hasn’t heard of, or a band group he can’t name each and every member of. He is unbeatable on a trivia night.


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