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Anil Goyal


Corserv Solutions

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2009

Industry: Payment Card Issuing

As a Co-Founder and current President of Corserv Solutions, Anil Goyal lives by the motto that you could sprint alone, but if you wish to go far, go together as a team. Embracing like-minded professionals with a passion for payment card issuing, Goyal co-founded the company to fill this product gap in 2009.

“When we founded Corserv, Anil wore several hats such as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Operations Officer, helping out where he could as an entrepreneur,” said his colleagues. “He helped the company raise outside funding from the first two clients and was leading to develop and launch a new offering called PCaaSA (Payment Cards as a Service API) platform.”

The primary industry of Corserv Solutions is payment card issuing. The company’s mission is to be the premier provider for payment cards issuing services to banks and fintechs. Since its first credit card program in 2014, the company has launched 30 programs with banks for credit cards, providing them with local decisioning, branded products and profitable and deeper relationships with customers.

With 25 years of experience in the payment card industry, Goyal’s journey began in 1996 where he created a custom risk scoring model for credit card applications before he joined a premier management consulting organization where he focused on large financial industry clients. Over the years, he has led senior positions in multiple banks before co-founding Corserv, where he was instrumental in getting the company off the ground.

Goyal credits collaboration for the success of the company. “There is a lot of hard work by the team in any business,” he said. “Even with the right team in place, there is an element of luck with ups and downs. The leader has to be able to articulate the vision, project positive energy and recognize the team’s achievements to help the team remain focused, overcome any downs and be passionate to achieve the vision.”

For Goyal, his vision continues to evolve, just like the payment card industry. “My focus is on continuing to execute on the vision to develop technology solutions that overcome the challenge to make solutions faster to implement,” he said. “I remain passionate and will continue learning with the evolving landscape. I love to share my experience and expertise to help the budding entrepreneurs in the payments industry to encourage innovation.”

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Did you know?

Anil has traveled to over 25 countries and enjoys learning about different cultures.


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