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Angela Fusaro

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Physician 360

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: 2018

Industry: Digital Health

Dr. Angela Fusaro has lived through the challenge of needing fast and comprehensive care at an affordable price from the perspective of a doctor and as a patient. She recognized early on that most people have experienced flu-like symptoms at some point in life, feel uncomfortable and want immediate relief, but the average time to get an appointment with their primary care provider is two weeks. She saw the need and responded by co-founding Physician 360 where she serves as the CEO.

Physician 360 is a digital health company that aims to increase access to healthcare by transforming community pharmacies into health clinics. This is done by empowering pharmacies with on-demand telehealth, rapid tests and treatment for urgent conditions.

“As CEO of Physicians 360, Dr. Fusaro sets strategic goals that make the company a pioneer for the future of medicine,” said her staff. “She monitors progress in the company’s achievements and her agility and flexibility allow her to make improvements and adjustments in the ever-changing landscape of medicine.”

According to her staff, Fusaro prioritizes her team’s needs as a leader and advocates for equity on all levels in the workplace and by radiating an infectious positive energy to those around her. “Dr. Fusaro has been able to draw from her experiences as a physician to tackle real issues in the United States healthcare system,” they said. “Instead of working with a broken system, she is working to be part of the solution to healthcare’s inefficiencies.”

Fusaro has built an infrastructure that leverages the pharmacy footprint, which allows all Americans to access this model. Regardless of income or zip code, there is room for any patient to seek high-quality healthcare services because of the system she has created. Her efforts have been recognized with features in Forbes, The New York Times, HuffPost and The BBC4. In addition, Physicians 360 has had more than 200% YoY revenue growth, transforming 1,000 pharmacies into functional health clinics.

These efforts stem from her willingness to be brave as an innovator and a leader. “Oftentimes, the most helpful thing you can do in a crisis, or any intense and consequential situation, has nothing to do with expertise,” Fusaro said. “You try to be prepared, be willing to do the uncomfortable and be empathetic. It’s all about being brave enough to keep trying even after several imperfect attempts.”

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Did you know?

Quite the renaissance woman, Dr. Angela Fusaro graduated from Officer Candidate School for the Marines but did not accept her commission.


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