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Georgia Titan 100
2022 Events Gallery

Georgia Titan 100 Day of Service with Atlanta Community Food Bank

The Georgia Titan 100 and guests gathered and gave back at the Atlanta Community Food Bank on Thursday, December 1st, 2022!  What an incredible way to conclude the 2022 Georgia Titan 100 program year as we sorted and packed 2,341 lbs. of food which will provide 1,693 meals for those in need.  As the central hub in the fight against hunger in Atlanta and north Georgia the ACFB primary function is collecting and distributing donated food and goods and managing all the logistics and partner relationships that go with it.  From packing tangerines to sorting sauces and soups…what a way to end the year with servant leadership! 

Georgia Titan 100 Event "Eliminate the Noise"
Insights into 2023 with Economist Ginger Chambless
JP Morgan Chase

On Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 the Georgia Titan 100 gathered above the clouds on the 24 Floor at the beautiful offices of JP Morgan Chase hearing insights into 2023 from Head Economist Ginger Chambless.  We "Eliminated the Noise" and distractions of the past year to explore topics including labor markets, federal rate increases, and what to expect in the housing market.  Great content and conversations! 
Special thanks to JP Morgan Chase and the entire team for an incredible evening! 

Georgia Titan 100 Event at Wipfli University

Porsche Experience Center Atlanta


On Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 the Georgia Titan 100 gathered at WIPFLI UNIVERSITY (Learn - Connect - Grow) 

as we spent the afternoon of power learning, networking, and an exhilarating Porsche experience!  Titans and guests discussed timely and relevant business and leadership topics from attracting and retaining talent to innovation through digital tools to navigating a polarized workforce and more.  We ended the event in the passenger seat with the ultimate thrill ride! 

Georgia Titan 100 Event at Kai Lin Art Gallery 

On Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 the Georgia Titan 100 gathered at the beautiful Kai Lin Art Gallery!
Being recognized by regional, national, and international publications for being on the cutting edge of art in America, this modern and contemporary art gallery cultivates creativity, conversation, and connection through art!