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Tracie Wilcox

President and CEO

On Tap Credit Union

Location: Golden, Colorado

Founded: 1954

Industry: Member Owned Financial Industry - Credit Union

Tracie Wilcox was drawn to the credit union industry because it wasn’t about profit but about people. And as CEO of On Tap Credit Union, there’s no question which people she is seeking to serve. Beer people. Visit the credit union, and it seems more like a taproom, right down to the employees wearing beer T-shirts.

“She has a creative flair for bringing new ideas and original solutions to On Tap Credit Union,” her staff said. “She thinks outside the box to solve complex problems, demonstrates tenacity to achieve challenging goals and consistently challenges the status quo.”

On Tap Credit Union’s mission is to improve the financial health and well-being of the brewing community and the members they serve. On Tap Credit Union is about bringing people together to craft something big: “Beer People Helping Beer People.”

Wilcox started her credit union journey over 30 years ago as a part-time teller. She rose through the ranks at the Olympia Brewing Credit Union, tackling every job assignment along the way, including various executive leadership roles. In 2008, a new opportunity took Tracie out of her home state of Washington to Coors Credit Union in Colorado. After a few years as the vice president of lending, she landed her dream role of CEO. Her skills and leadership were put to the test as the company engaged in a complete transformation — rebranding and expanding its business model. It was the team that came up with the On Tap Credit Union name and defined the K.E.G. (Kindness, Elegance, Genuine) culture . “Without the support of the board and the dedication to staying the course, none of the success the credit union has experienced over the next several years would be possible,” the company said. “So, in November of 2016, 60 years of routines were disrupted with a flourish, and On Tap Credit Union was born.”

“I value culture and have long been a student of cultivating a strong learning environment,” Wilcox said. “Creating an environment where it is safe to learn and grow has been key for the team at On Tap Credit Union.”

On Tap Credit Union plans to provide $60 million in support for low-income housing to help the brewery industry employees afford a place to live. The plan requires advancing technology so beer people across the nation have a seamless online experience, maintaining the latest advancements in online and mobile banking and lending platforms, providing AI-based instant lending approvals and data warehousing, to have a single resource of analytics.

Under Wilcox’s leadership, the credit union’s asset size has doubled to $372 million and membership has increased 25%. The credit union introduced a pub-style branch experience in two different locations, the first of its kind in the marketplace. For over a decade, On Tap Credit Union was awarded the 2021 Best of the Best Credit Union in Golden and has been awarded the Best of the Best Credit Union in Arvada, Colorado, since 2019. Wilcox has been featured in NAFCU (National Association of Federal Credit Unions) Journal and various trade podcasts.

“When Tracie became the CEO of On Tap Credit Union, she helped represent 13% of credit union women CEOs,” her team said. “She was part of a movement that has now grown to 50% women credit union CEOs. She also started the movement of making credit unions comfortable and approachable, putting members at ease when they typically find finances stressful.”

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“I value culture and have long been a student of cultivating a strong learning environment.”


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