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Tony Lajimodiere



Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2011

Industry: Construction

Over 10 years at MPC, Tony Lajimodiere’s role has evolved significantly. He started with the basic accounting and financial reporting of a single, 10-person construction firm. Today, in his role as CFO and a key executive leader, Laji modiere drives strategic planning for seven businesses doing over $300 million in revenue with nearly 200 employees in multiple states.

That kind of success and growth wouldn’t be possible without the right team, Lajimodiere said.

“The greatest and most important lesson I have learned is that, to be success ful, you need to have the right people, doing the right things, right,” he said. “You need to recruit, hire, onboard, develop, and retain people that fit in your culture and live your core values. You then need to make sure you have those people focused in a role that has clearly outlined responsibility and accountabili ty. These roles need to support an overall organizational structure that is scalable and focused on achieving both tactical and strategic initiatives. The best leader in business cannot be truly successful without an organization staffed with quality people who know their worth and are committed to not only their success and advancement, but the advancement of the organization.”

MPC is a full-service general contractor, primarily serving the multifamily, office and health care industries. The company’s mission is to navigate clients’ vision into reality by delivering projects with passion and pride. “We do this for our clients, each other, our families and the communities in which we conduct business. Given this, attracting and retaining team members which reflect our core values (Principled, Leadership, Allegiance, Considerate and Earnest) has been critical to our growth and success for more than 10 years,” the company said.

In the next five years, MPC will be fully immersed in the office and health care industry segments and will have completed its expansion into the Texas market. In addition, MPC has developed an innovative and proprietary project delivery method, United Project, that reduces execution risk and improves project pre dictability. In the next five years, MPC predicts United Project will fundamentally disrupt the traditional project delivery method in the residential, office and health care industry markets.

Lajimodiere is a recognized and influential member of the construction industry. He is actively focused on driving education for construction financial management through the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), as a CFMA board member (since 2018) and CFMA Programming Committee chair (2018–2021).

Lajimodiere led and directed a number of critical financial planning initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which included significant planning and documentation. Lajimodiere also implemented a formal strategic planning process for the company’s leadership team, which includes three-year, annual and quarterly goals.

“Tony is a leader who values the success of others over personal recognition,” his team said. “He appreciates and values a good work-life balance, as he enjoys guiding our leadership team while also finding time to get away in the mountains with his wife and twin daughters. Tony is a great coach and mentor to those around him, both professionally and personally.”

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“The best leader in business cannot be truly successful without an organization staffed with quality people who know their worth.”


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