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Thomas Ajspur

Founder and CEO

Location: Englewood, Colorado
Founded: 2013
Industry: Software

*Hall of Fame*

Enavate had a remarkably honest and transparent response when the pandemic hit two years ago. “We told the team members that we had no plan and weren’t sure what to do,” said founder and CEO Thomas Ajspur.

What Ajspur did know, though, was that the software company would focus on the health and jobs of its team members first and foremost, and that it was fine to accept a break-even business in the interim.

Then the company sprung to action. It created a coronavirus situation pod of team members that met weekly to discuss the rapidly changing situation. It shifted to remote work earlier than most other companies, arranged morning workouts on Teams, offered weekly online cooking classes, brought on mental health coaches and financial planners for staff, among other initiatives.

The result was the company actually grew during the pandemic, tripling its workforce to 425.

“Great outcomes start with big dreams, a clear vision and a driving passion to exceed your goals,” Ajspur said.

Enavate’s culture of transparency and experimentation paid off during the pandemic. Diversity and inclusion are a key part of that culture as well, the company said.

“A diverse workforce gives you new perspectives on things and problems you may face,” Ajspur said. “The diverse group will give you better solutions and often help you think outside the box. At the same time, you are also contributing to community and have obligations as a leader and a person.”

Looking ahead, Ajspur and the company have some specific goals with a deadline of New Year’s Eve 2024. Those include:

• To be recognized globally as the worldwide leader in the Microsoft Dynamics SMB market.

• To make additional strategic acquisitions, as well as continue to fuel organic growth, reaching $500 million by 2024 with 3,000 team members.

• To maintain a focus on our team and be recognized as a great place to work globally.

Ajspur is one of 12 leaders to be named a Titan Hall of Famer.

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"The diverse group will give you better solutions and often help you think outside the box."

Thomas says: