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Skye Perry

Chairman of the Board

SSP Innovations

Location: Centennial, Colorado

Founded: 2003

Industry: Utility/Telecom Software & Services

** Hall of Fame **

SSP Innovations had a growth spurt over the last two years under the guidance of Board Chairman Skye Perry.

The core utility business had record sales years, despite the hurdles of the pandemic, creating a backlog of work not previously seen at the company. On the telecom side, the business closed the acquisition of 3-GIS in December 2020, bringing more than 130 new employees and a new product line to SSP. The company elected to split its private telecom customers and utility products into two separate businesses under the SSP umbrella.

“Managing this growth has been challenging but we were successful in growing the company by growing and investing in our talented leadership team,” Perry said.

The next step for the business is investing in new technology to lead the industry through research and development, Perry said.

“A key example is our investment into our latest product, SSP Vision, over the last year,” Perry said. “This is a transformational product that utilizes computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality to change the way that customers capture network data in the field. While this is a great example, we need to continue to always look at new tech that will better serve our customers’ business needs.”

SSP’s culture urges and empowers employees to think like owners. The company holds regular town hall meetings where employees can meet with executive leadership and ask any question they choose. SSP is open about its financial targets and provides regular updates on the status of achieving those goals. All of it feeds into the company’s values of honesty and transparency. Perry admitted it was difficult to continue that level of engagement during COVID-19, but he’s hopeful that will change as the pandemic evolves.

Perry advised the next generation of leaders to find a good mentor or mentors, someone with whom they can share their honest fears and aspirations and lean on in good times and bad. It’s essential for professional growth.

“The support I’ve received from my mentors over the years has literally made the difference between closing the doors versus making the next massive leap forward in my business.”

Perry is one of 12 leaders recognized as a Titan Hall of Famer. “I hope the legacy I leave is that of a passionate technologist who built a great company that cared about its people.”

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“I hope the legacy I leave is that of a passionate technologist who built a great company that cared about its people.”


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