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Shawn Hansson

CEO and founder
Logic Integration

Location: Lone Tree, Colorado
Founded: 2004
Industry: IT and Automation

*Second Year Honoree*

Logic Integration, an IT and automation company, has emphasized service over the past 12 months, especially as supply chain woes have presented product issues. The company also introduced a new culture initiative called Culture Wise, focusing on a new core value each week with a video from CEO and founder Shawn Hansson.

Hansson credited the culture initiative for helping limit turnover at the company while others have encountered employee retention challenges during the Great Resignation.

“The way you present yourself as a leader and the mood you’re in can have a domino effect for your entire team,” Hansson said. “Hold your head high, encourage, and invest in people and they’ll continue to work hard.

“People don’t always chase money; they chase opportunity and vision. There’s a lot of reward when everyone’s pushing toward the same goal. A lthough profits are very important, it’s not everything. We focus on making customers happy and making automations systems easier to use and more reliable. If you can accomplish that, then the money will come. Customer and employee happiness is key.”

The company has scheduled a give-back with Project CURE and offered paid volunteer days through Food Bank of the Rockies. Logic Integration also gave to the Boys & Girls Club by providing and installing surveillance systems in their club pro bono, supplying technolog y that can make the space safer.

Logic Integration was named Commercial Integrator of the Year by an industry magazine and won Integrator of the Year at the CES trade show. No other company has won both of those awards in the same year, the company said.

Hansson was part of the Denver Titan 100 in 2021 as well. “I’ve gotten so much out of the Titan 100 program and this network of amazing individuals,” Hansson said. “The greatest value would have to be the sense of pride but also humbling feeling to be around this inspiring group of individuals.”

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"Hold your head high, encourage, and invest in people and they'll continue to work hard."

Shawn says:

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