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Phil Sim

Partner, Chief Client Success Officer

Blytheco Inc.

Location: Centennial, CO

Founded: 1980

Industry: Software Consulting

As leader of Blytheco Inc., Phil Sim’s business acumen is clear, but it’s the personal level of leadership that really stands out. He notes that he feels ultimately responsible “for the livelihood of the 100+ families that make up the Blytheco workforce,” and he takes that responsibility seriously.

“Seeing my team members grow to become amazing leaders gives me absolute joy and touches me personally,” he said. “The focus on customer transformation as well as employee transformation is absolutely exhilarating, and the growth of our team members is what powers the Blytheco engine to continue our organizational growth.

“I believe my leadership, contributions and support to the entire Blytheco staff has allowed us to be one of the top ERP/CRM business partners in North America.”

Blytheco is a consulting firm focused on transforming companies. “We help our clients implement and leverage their business solution to enable their growth and aspirations,” the company said. “We do this by focusing on the people, the technology and their processes. Part of our ‘secret sauce’ is focusing on the customer for life by remaining connected as a strategic partner via relationships and constant communication.”

After graduating from college with a computer science degree, Sim launched a company called Integrated Tech, which focused on custom software development and implementing an application for medical device companies going through clinical trials. In 2007, he merged his business with Blytheco, and in 2019, he and his business partner bought the company from the original founder, who retired. “When I bought the business in 2019, we had approximately $28 million in revenue, and we are exiting 2021 with approximately $40 million in revenue,” Sim said. “Our passion today is transforming companies, which was the original passion of my original company in 1999.”

Sim outlined a number of key goals for Blytheco in the next five years, including that the company continue to be an ERP/CRM destination employer (his company has won multiple “Best Places to Work” awards) and continue 10% annual revenue growth, which would bring the company approximately $60 million revenue in five years. In 2022, Sim wants to launch a Blytheco foundation to reach out to the inner city and pockets of our population where high school kids do not have the opportunity to learn business or technology.

“As we start training those kids, our plan is to introduce them as interns or entry-level employees to our customers who need assistance on the shop floor, warehouse or in operations,” Sim said. “We know most of our clients today need more staff. While they go through that process, we also plan on introducing them to technology and business solutions we support today. Ultimately, we are looking to build a movement based on the Blytheco ecosystem to give back and develop kids who will be future leaders, possibly future Blytheco employees, and contributing members of our society.”

Sim said his proudest business accomplishment is the more than five acquisitions Blytheco has done in the last three years. “Acquisitions are something I do not take lightly because I’m responsible for finding the company to be acquired, making sure there is mutual synergy, building an amazing relationship with that business owner, realizing they are entrusting and selling me their ‘baby’ and making sure I do not disappoint Blytheco nor the selling party. These acquisitions are extremely personal, and when I execute on transactions that are win-wins, I am extremely proud that I am able to make that happen.”

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phil Says

“Seeing my team members grow to become amazing leaders gives me absolute joy and touches me personally.”


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