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Patrick Dennis


Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2007
Industry: Cyber Security

*Hall of Fame*

Patrick Dennis and his family relocated to Colorado four years ago, and he’s moved in and out of several tech roles since. Last year, the business he helped build, Aspect Software, was sold, and he recently partnered with Point Easy to open a restaurant in Denver’s Whittier neighborhood and took on a new role as CEO with ExtraHop.

Dennis said he sees strong alignment between his corporate values and his partners’ in the ExtraHop endeavor. Those values include acting with integrity and humility and prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion.

“At ExtraHop, we believe what we do matters and that we help our customers defend their organizations from cyber attacks,” Dennis said. “We also know that we have to know our customers really well to be able to help them that way. The organization is fueled by our mission and driven by our customer centric approach. Staying focused on that has already had a meaningful impact on our results.”

ExtraHop grew revenues 47% in 2021, approaching $140 million, and expanded internationally by more than 40%, establishing itself as a cyber security leader now and into the future. The company plans to invest in Japan, Germany, Australia and the Middle East and double its direct sales force in 2022. The goal is to build a $500 million company within a few years.

Dennis said he’s well aware that he’s been fortunate to seize the opportunities in front of him and develop his highly successful professional career with the help of others along the way. That’s why mentoring and coaching the next generation is important to him.

“I would like to see an expansion in cyber security talent in Colorado to further expand that industry in our state. I would like to see the investment I made in a local church expand into other church locations across the Front Range. I would like my legacy to be the start of something. I would like to see the end of my legacy be the start of someone else’s. I would like to see that continue well into the future.”

Dennis is one of 12 to be named a Titan Hall of Famer, a piece of his legacy as a leader. “Our legacies are not given, they are earned,” he said. “To build an exceptional legacy, you need to perform at an exceptional level, for an exceptional amount of time, with an exceptional impact. That is what it takes to influence another generation of leaders that learned from you and extend your success. This is how titans overcome the universal constraint of time. We contribute to building up more titans.”

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"The organization is fueled by our mission and driven by our customer-centric approach. Staying focused on that has already had a meaningful impact on our results."

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