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Mike Mahon - CO 2022

Mike Mahon


Zia Consulting Inc.

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Founded: 2003

Industry: Software Consulting

** Hall of Fame **

Two years ago, Mike Mahon made an ask of his employees. He urged them to become the chief learning officer or chief growth officer of their own lives. He wanted his team to expand its knowledge base, learn from mistakes, read and soak up knowledge and turn to mentors, hopeful they would apply the lessons to Zia Consulting’s operations while also developing professionally and personally.

If the company’s numbers are any indication, the plan worked. Over the last two years, Zia Consulting has increased staff by 15% and top-line revenue by 66% while introducing new offerings with its partner products.

“I am most proud of my team’s growth in the last two years,” said Mahon, Zia’s CEO. “When I say growth, I mean four things: team development, personal development, company growth and innovation.”

Mahon predicts his industry will go through significant upheaval in the coming years, but it will create opportunity with new technologies and problems to solve.

“I want my company to continue to grow, innovate and use their deep relationships with our customers and partners to be the stabilizing force in a crazy world. We have shown we can do that by focusing on creating value and strengthening relationships with our Zia family. I know that we can grow and become trusted confidants for our partners and customers as we move into the future.”

There is no such thing as work-life balance, only a life well lived, Mahon said. He made a vow to his wife 30 years ago that they would live a life of adventure, and you can’t do that if you just focus on work, he said. Mahon has taken the time to nurture friendships and relationships with family.

“It might mean getting up very early to get work done before spending the day with family,” he said. “Still, I’ve never regretted taking a vacation and getting less sleep. I only remember the wonderful moments I’ve had.”

Mahon is one of 12 leaders named a Titan Hall of Famer. His advice to the new members of the Titan 100:

“Find a mentor or group of mentors that you can learn from and will challenge you to be your best. You can avoid problems, work through likely outcomes and avoid costly decisions with the right group of people in your corner.”

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“I know that we can grow and become trusted confidants for our partners and customers as we move into the future.”


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