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Matt Emerson

Matt Emerson



Location: Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Founded: 1981

Industry: Media and Communication

Matt Emerson said it took him a while to figure out that he did his best work by being himself and allowing others to be their best.

“It took me a long time to learn that I make my greatest contribution by being me — humble, authentic, respectful, engaged and interested in helping others succeed by creating opportunities for them to be their best,” the CEO of AVFX said. “Much can be accomplished with brute force, but better outcomes frequently come from allowing others to be heard, from bringing in different points of view, and by building a complete team.”

AVFX provides video, audio, lighting, staging, and creative services solutions for meetings and events nationwide. “Our team creates exceptional event experiences that keep audiences engaged. Our team of technicians and engineers provides creative and technical expertise, guidance and extraordinary service,” the company said.

Emerson’s interest in business and economics can be traced to his high school days. He read a Harvard Business Review article about Disney’s CFO and was struck by how finance played an important strategic role and went well beyond compliance and numbers. He majored in entrepreneurship and small business management at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying the basics of running a business. He joined his father’s company CEAVCO and rose through the ranks, eventually taking over the business and merging it with AVFX in 2021.

Emerson’s vision for AVFX is to discover the greater opportunities available to the company with the recent merger with CEAVCO Audio Visual. The ultimate goal is to combine companies to create a nationwide AV production company with strong representation across the country. In the next five years, AVFX expects to grow to a $70-$100 million company.

“Matt has recognized that people who love what they do and see that the work they’re doing is making a difference are happy and satisfied in life,” his staff said. “Through prioritizing a fulfilling, enriching, and exciting work environment, AVFX will cause a ripple effect of positivity. Over the next five years, AVFX will continue to focus on team members so they attract and retain the best talent, which will lead to AVFX providing exceptional services and value to their clients.”

Emerson was previously a member of the Board of Professional Systems Network Incorporated, serving as president for two years. He went on to contribute seven years to AVIXA, the trade association representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries worldwide, eventually attaining the position of chairman of the board. Emerson currently serves on the Board of AV Alliance, a global network. He also serves on the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum Board of Advisors and is a founding member of the Rental and Staging Network, a North American association of audiovisual production companies.

“Matt has found success in the last two years as he has navigated the challenge of managing his team through the pandemic,” his team said. “During a time that had the potential to crush an industry working with live events and social gatherings, Matt was able to maintain a team that brought in revenue and delivered value to clients even when everything was working against them.”

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Matt Says

“I make my greatest contribution by being me: humble, authentic, respectful, engaged and interested in helping others succeed by creating opportunities for them to be their best.”


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