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Lisa Kay Miller

Spearhead Advisors

Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Founded: 1930
Industry: Telecommunications and Consulting

*Hall of Fame*

Lisa Kay Miller set a five- to seven-year goal to be on the board of directors for several companies upon her retirement. She set quarterly steps to track her progress on the process, which involved research about board work and networking with those in the know. She had the leadership chops, that’s for sure. But she worked to position herself within a niche that would be attractive to executives trying to round out their boards.

Within 18 months, Miller landed on two boards of directors, one for an oil and gas company with $10 million in revenue and the other for a telecom company with $105 million in revenue and growth on the horizon.

The takeaway was that you must work your plan to achieve measurable results. Miller said she always knew that about company goals but didn’t always apply it to personal goals.

Miller’s plan is to work for the next five years as president at Spearhead Advisors, then retire and do board work as her only job, she said. She wants the opportunity to continue to develop leaders and lead organizations. “I want to create a culture of success where people know that we will invest in them when they invest in the company,” Miller said. “Iron sharpens iron and success breeds success. This creates the recipe for winning. And winning is fun!”

Aside from her full-time job, Miller intends to remain a leader in her industry by giving back, taking public speaking opportunities and mentoring the next generation of leaders.

Miller is one of 12 Titan Hall of Famers. Her advice to the new members of the Titan 100: “Get involved in as many Titan events as you can. There is so much knowledge you can gain by meeting other talented individuals. A ll the titans are leaders, which makes it exciting to learn from other great minds. You share so many common challenges, it is prudent to exchange ideas from these leaders.”

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"I want to create a culture of success where people know that we will invest in them when they invest in the company."

Lisa says:

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