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Jason Dunn

Chief Executive Officer


Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2014

Industry: Construction

** Hall of Fame **

Over the past two years, Jason Dunn has focused on arranging to replace himself and refining his role at DACS Corp.

“Putting myself out of a job may not sound like a milestone everyone would cherish,” he said. “In this case, my team, my family, and I all benefit from an experienced chief operating officer who is outperforming me in the role. I now serve as our chief executive officer, focusing my time as a visionary and cultural leader of our companies, where I am best suited.

“I drive our strategic growth, providing a long-term path to scale our existing businesses and identify new opportunities. With dedicated and experienced operational leadership, DACS is attracting top talent like never before, and I am deeply grateful to be living a more balanced and sustainable life.”

Under Dunn’s leadership, DACS Corp. lives by a set of core values that define how employees behave personally and professionally. Those values are:

1. Safety first. Never compromise safety, for obvious reasons.

2. Honest and transparent. This value guides how the company communicates, particularly when there is bad news to share.

3. Golden Rule: Treat others as we want to be treated.

4. Positive attitude. Employees bring a can-do attitude to work and seek solutions for every problem.

5. Growth oriented. Grow as people and the business follows.

“We provide our businesses the foundation of a strong culture, long-term orientation, opportunistic approach, and the resources necessary to achieve excellence in all business pursuits,” the company said. “We provide a platform for the best talent to pursue and achieve their professional dreams.”

Over the next five years, DACS aims to solidify its stature in pavement maintenance and reconstruction in the Colorado Front Range. The company projects 20% annual growth potential in this market over the intermediate term. DACS’ national accounts business has taken flight and has potential outside of the Front Range pavement market. The company will selectively tackle opportunities across multiple states in the coming years and projects DACS Trucking will see rapid growth to become a leader in trucking for the broader Front Range construction and related industries.

Dunn is one of 12 to be named a titan Hall of Famer.

“I recommend that every entrepreneur embrace what is unique about her or his perspective and abilities to shape a differentiated approach to business,” Dunn said. “Trying to outperform your peers sharing the same goals and using the same methods as they do is extraordinarily hard. Even more difficult is maintaining a lead against your peers over the long term while not significantly differentiating.”

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jason Says

“I recommend that every entrepreneur embrace what is unique about her or his perspective and abilities to shape a differentiated approach to business.”


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