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Jason Cherveny

President and CEO
Sanity Solutions

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2004
Industry: Technology

It seems so simple when Jason Cherveny says it. Work is not necessarily about the grind or slogging through the latest task or challenge, the president and CEO of Sanity Solutions Inc. said, “It’s much simpler than that.

“Work should be fun,” he said. “Make sure you enjoy what you’re doing and the people you’re doing it with, and incredible things will happen.”

Cherveny’s journey is one of those “incredible” things. Following completion of his MBA program at the University of Denver, Cherveny worked in IT sales for a large original equipment manufacturer (OEM). It was there that Cherveny learned the details of IT sales and identified ways to help customers and fill a void. With a young family to think about, he plunged into entrepreneurship and Sanity Solutions Inc. was born.

Sanity Solutions specializes in comprehensive IT and data management needs. The company’s stated mission is to create value for clients “by providing a legendary customer experience, working with our clients to create solutions that best serve their unique environments while conducting corporate activities to the highest ethical and professional standards. We create a mutually rewarding environment for all of our stakeholders.”

Sanity’s future includes evolving as IT evolves and mastering changing technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud environments, cyber security and data science. “Sanity knows its clients will face these new technologies and will be challenged to embrace them as advantages or resist them as obstacles,” the company said. “As customers learn to navigate these innovations, Sanity is committed to being a guide for that journey, allowing them to focus on their core business with confidence and ease.”

Under Cherveny’s stewardship, Sanity has grown from a two-man basement operation 18 years ago to 36 employees in six states today. It reached $75 million in revenue in 2021 and has won numerous awards and recognitions along the way, including nine Inc. 5000 awards; seven Top 250 Private Companies in Colorado awards; nine CRN Tech Elite awards; nine CRN Solution Provider 500 awards; five CRN Fast Growth 150 awards; five CRN Triple Crown wins; recognition as a Colorado Company to Watch; multiple Partner of the Year awards from various manufacturers; and multiple top tier partner achievement levels.

Cherveny has sat on several partner advisory boards, including the Partner Advisory Board for Dell Technologies where he was among a small group of solution providers helping shape channel programs for one of the industry’s largest manufacturers.

“We have always put our customers first, second, and third,”Cherveny said. “When we follow this simple mantra, we find success as a company and the rest takes care of itself. Prioritizing customers before anything else lets us hear what our customers need now, and in the future, so we are always providing value beyond simple transactions.”

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Honoree quote

"Work should be fun, make sure you enjoy what you?re doing and the people you?re doing it with, and incredible things will happen."

Jason says:

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