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Drew Bisping

BluSky Restoration Contractors

Location: Centennial, Colorado
Founded: 2004
Industry: Restoration, Construction

Drew Bisping got a taste of running his own construction firm, Bisping Construction Inc., early in his career while still earning his bachelor’s degree in construction management. He got his feet wet with management, employee direction and cost estimating along with hands-on tasks such as pouring concrete, excavation and structural framing.

The experience set the foundation for his future trajectory, leading BluSky Restoration Contractors.

“I have had the unique opportunity to be part of a fast growing organization that has expanded from a single local location to a fully national footprint and brand,” said Bisping, BluSky’s CEO. “During that growth, our business has evolved and completely changed many times. With every new year, we faced new challenges and new dynamics that we had never encountered before. Just when I thought I was getting good at something, the business grew and the rules changed, so I needed to change as well. It can be scary at times to let go of what we are familiar with or the things that have brought us success in the past. But we need to be willing to adapt.”

BluSky provides commercial, industrial, governmental, residential and multifamily restoration, renovation, environmental and roofing services across the nation.

Bisping joined BluSky Restoration Contractors in 2007 as director of construction and steadily ascended the ranks. After serving as construction director for two years, he was named Rocky Mountain regional manager, and for the next two years, he directed all company offices in the Colorado region. Additionally, he led new business growth, including expansion into new markets.

His success in that role led to being named executive vice president of operations, a role he held for three years before being promoted to chief operating officer. In that role, he led the organic expansion of nine company offices across the country as well as the first two mergers and acquisitions and subsequent company integrations. After five years as COO, he transitioned to chief corporate development and strategy officer, where he turned his full focus to mergers and acquisitions. He successfully led the next two company mergers and acquisitions. Following those successes, in 2021, he was named company president. During his tenure as president, he oversaw the firm’s sales and operations functions, three more mergers and acquisitions and the successful partnership with two private equity firms, which accelerated both organic growth and further acquisitions. After 10 months as president, in early 2022, he rose to chief executive officer.

Bisping holds industry licenses in more than 35 states for general contracting, roofing, asbestos abatement and mold remediation. He has been the driving force behind most of BluSky’s acquisitions, which helped propel the company from a regional player to one of the largest and fastest-growing national restoration providers with locations across the country.

Under his leadership since 2017, BluSky has achieved revenue growth of over 290% and employee growth of over 260% and has been certified as a Great Place to Work for four consecutive years.

“We are growing in our industry by focusing on new ways to engineer our business to support our people,” Bisping said. “I feel that there is a real magic to that concept, and if applied correctly across our entire organization, it will result in exponential growth for those individuals and our business overall.”

The company grew from 15 offices in 2017 to 41 offices by the end of 2021. In 2021, during Bisping’s term as company president, amid the lingering global pandemic, the company exceeded its sales budget by 4% and its revenue budget by 3%. As CEO, his key initiatives are: enhanced training to make all employees experts at what they do; continued growth in existing and new markets and through mergers and organically improving operational efficiency; and enhancing partnerships with the company’s growing family of clients nationwide.

“He is driven to continue to build BluSky as one of the premier companies in the restoration industry, to not just be one of the biggest, but to be the best in what we do for our clients and to continue our culture of family for our employees and trade partners,” his staff said.

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"It can be scary at times to let go of what we are familiar with or the things that have brought us success in the past. But we need to be willing to adapt."

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