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Dr. Dani Kimlinger


MINES and Associates

Location: Littleton, Colorado

Founded: 1981

Industry: Healthcare

Dr. Dani Kimlinger was named to the Titan 100 for the first time last year, opening the door for her to grow as a leader in ways she didn’t expect. Kimlinger learned, she said, that being vulnerable and admitting when you’re struggling can open doors to support, answers and leadership development.

As the CEO at MINES and Associates, Kimlinger’s assumption was that she needed to be positive at all costs and show no vulnerability or weakness. But in her Titan 100 peer group, she found CEOs willing to share that things can be hard, that personal struggles sometimes get in the way of work and showing your vulnerability can result in positive change for the business.

“At first, I thought, WAIT! This is a professional CEO group! I have been in these before and you only share the good news, the positive numbers, etc.,” Kimlinger said. “If you do share struggles, they are professional and ones you think this group can help with. Well, there I was in a group of incredibly impressive humans who were CEOs running companies that were growing, building and doing well WHILE showing vulnerabilities. This was eye-opening to me, and it was authentic.”

Kimlinger made the choice that when someone at work asked how she was doing, she would give an honest answer. That brought deeper and authentic discussions. On Mental Health Awareness Day, Kimlinger shared her experience with seeing a therapist and reminded her team of the benefits offered through MINES.

“I had several staff outreach me directly after and thank me, share that they couldn’t believe I went to therapy and ask for more information,” she said. “I cannot say for sure, but there were some correlations this year as we had the best employee engagement surveys with comments about openness, caring leadership, etc. and lower turnover during the Great Resignation. I learned a lesson in 2021, my most impactful lesson of my leadership life, I learned to be me, my true and personal me.”

MINES increased its pipeline by over 200% in the last year to put it in a position for record growth going into 2023. The company tapped funds through local, state and federal governments for mental health services, creating an increase in access to care with MINES’ network of 23,000 providers and facilities.

Under Kimlinger’s leadership, MINES plans to complete a rebranding process this year. The company expanded its broker network through new partnerships. The company earns 80% of its revenue through broker relationships, and it expects to grow further in that arena. The company estimates it will increase revenue 15%-20% through its diversification of services into 2023.

Aside from revenue and relationships, Kimlinger has leadership goals to achieve in 2022, she said. She joined the Colorado Inclusive Economy, aimed at making Colorado the most inclusive economy in the nation by 2027. MINES also has put DEI at the forefront of its culture goals. “I am looking forward to learning, being vulnerable, accountable and able to contribute to this movement starting with MINES,” Kimlinger said.

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Dr. Dani Says

“In 2021, I learned the most impactful lesson of my leadership life, I learned to be me, my true and personal me.”


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