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Doug Chapiewsky

Founder and CEO
Kanso Software

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2012
Industry: Software Product Development

Doug Chapiewsky believes being a CEO comes with a responsibility to focus on more than just the business and bottom line.

“I believe that being a CEO is a privilege that is not to be taken lightly,” he said. “With this comes a responsibility to make the world a better place to live, for your employees, your clients and your community. This current chapter in my life leverages software to improve the effectiveness of those who serve the underprivileged.”

As founder and CEO of Kanso Software, Chapiewsky can follow through on making the world a better place by executing the company’s mission to serve tribal, public housing, homeless and nonprofit agencies. The aim is to bring simplicity, transparency and empathy to their daily operations with best-in-class, user-friendly, affordable software.

Kanso Software, based in Denver, has developed an open platform to manage difficult situations involving housing for low-income people and homelessness. The aim is to be the “source of truth” in communities and Indian Reservations across the country for managing this domain. In five years, the company expects to be operating in all 50 states, and its software will be the leading product serving homelessness, public housing authorities, tribes and nonprofits.

Chapiewsky helped guide Kanso Software through the pandemic, in part because he knows change in business is “not only a certainty but … must be positively leveraged to create a successful business.” “There was no blueprint for how to react to the pandemic,” he said, “but those that thrived took action.”

“It took a series of multiple organizational experiments, but we proved that eventually a new normal can be established to provide a healthy environment for all stakeholders,” he said.

Chapiewsky had a successful career at AT&T Bell Laboratories prior to founding a telecommunications software company that specialized in the development of software products. He invented the first data mining product in the call center industry that created a fully cradle-to-grave rendering of an entire user experience. This was copied by every call center company in the world. While bootstrapping the company and retaining sole ownership, he sold it to a publicly traded Israeli firm after nine years of profitable growth.

Chapiewsky was a member of YEO, YPO and several graduate programs, including the MIT Sloan School of Management. He has been on several nonprofit boards, including The Colorado Rockies and Judi’s House in Denver.

“I feel there are infinite opportunities to utilize my gifts in areas that positively impact those most distressed in society,” Chapiewsky said. “I believe continuing education and exposure in any industry is imperative to remain influential. I am prepared to do this by staying authentic, active and accessible to those networks who may benefit from my unique experiences.”

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"There are infinite opportunities to utilize my gifts in areas that positively impact those most distressed in society."

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