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Derek Newsom

Chief Operating Officer

Liteye Systems Inc.

Location: Centennial, Colorado

Founded: 2000

Industry: Aerospace & Defense

Derek Newsom has a proven track record of building businesses in a variety of industries and driving them to success, and his current role as chief operating officer for Liteye Systems Inc. is no different.

“In order to remain an influential leader, I read business books and continuously immerse myself in highly stimulating, intellectual environments, and conversations, where I can glean and share new ideas with other leaders not only within my industry but across industries,” Newsom said. “Having worked across multiple industries, many of the same challenges exist, and dialoguing with like- and open-minded leaders who are progressive and proactive in mutually learning new approaches and ideas is something that I really enjoy.”

Liteye Systems Inc. is a leader and high-end technology solutions provider and integrator of military and commercial Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS), DroneSense, and Warn Systems — rugged, high-resolution, head-mounted displays (HMD); micro imaging viewfinders; thermal surveillance systems; convert surveillance systems; electronic warfare packages; radar systems and fire-control software solutions. Its primary customers are the Department of Defense and other government agencies. The company is also working on next-generation, multi-mission defense solutions for the Air Force and Army.

The company’s growth plan and revenue streams were disrupted when COVID-19 hit and the Department of Defense slowed defense contracting and ceased all test events. While revenues dropped in the short term, Liteye is focused on returning to revenue growth and getting back on track with its five-year strategic plan.

The co-founders of Liteye hired Newsom in January 2018 to position the company for growth, build out and scale the company’s infrastructure and recruit top talent to support a new growth strategy. Newsom accomplished those objectives and he led the way in changing the company from an S-Corp to a C-Corp, established a formal c-suite leadership team structure, formalized the board meetings, revamped benefits for hiring and retention and created a foundation where the team achieved and supported employee growth from nine to now 45 employees.

“Derek Newsom is a versatile and seasoned global business leader with over 25 years of experience in high-tech and fast-moving markets,” his staff said

Prior to Liteye Systems, Newsom served as an associate for a top engineering consulting firm focused on nuclear power generation critical infrastructure. Newsom was also chief marketing officer of GE Healthcare’s Diagnostic Imaging Performance Technologies division; president/CEO of North America for Medion AG, a $3 billion provider of computing and consumer electronic products in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.; and a worldwide business manager for HP’s Home Products Computer Division, which at the time was a new HP start-up division that recruited him from his role at HP Corporate HQ in 1995. Within five years, that HP division secured the top market share position for PCs in U.S. retail, generating $4 billion per year in revenue from zero at start-up.

Newsom holds a master’s degree in business administration and a Master of Science in engineering management from California Polytechnic-SLO, along with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt and registered Project Management Professional (PMP) and is certified in Organization Disruptive Change Management.

Newsom combines his degrees, certifications, experience and successes over a 25-year career to help companies grow. Since attending graduate school, he has focused on being a top “Corporate Triathlete” in understanding and driving all aspects of both national and international business.

“It is important for me to know that I am delivering the highest standard of what my skill sets are,” Newsom said. “As business conditions change, I constantly ask myself: How do I make a difference within that change and continue to deliver results, motivate and inspire our employees to achieve the best outcomes?”

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“Dialoguing with like- and open-minded leaders who are progressive and proactive in mutually learning new approaches and ideas is something that I really enjoy.”


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