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Butch Fiore

Butch Fiore


Fiore & Sons Inc.

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 1959

Industry: Heavy Civil Construction

“Be courageous and vulnerable in communication in order to allow your relationships to thrive,” he said. “Be willing to truly hear feedback and take action to change the things you want to change. At the same time, be willing to give honest feedback that allows for growth in the people you work with.”

Fiore & Sons Inc. is a construction and civil contracting company. In 2021, the management team worked through Leadership Journey, an in-house training program for leaders and managers. The process helped both the leadership team and Fiore himself grow in their roles, learning the value of transparency and more.

“We broadened our perspective on honesty and clear communication,” Fiore said. “Providing an environment where individuals can safely and openly speak about things that impact them allows for more trusting relationships to develop. These relationships are continuing to develop and are strengthening the trust among our teams. I didn’t realize how intense this work would be, but I now realize how much courage is required to open doors for honest communication.”

Executing the lessons learned in Leadership Journey is one of Fiore’s primary goals for the company going forward. “So many people have questions as to why we are ‘pushing’ and encouraging them to take such a deep dive into emotional intelligence, but once they hear the answers, they choose a direction. The key is that it becomes their choice … and we fully honor that choice.”

The leadership team is working on a handbook for the organization, building a clearer picture of what Fiore & Sons Inc. does and aims to do. Fiore envisions employees not just seeing their work as building something but making the connection between that work and what it means to a community or family. “Ultimately, if an operator, laborer, project manager, superintendent, etc. is asked by someone what they do for a living, it will be amazing when their response is … ‘I’m saving lives by being part of building a hospital’ or ‘I’m creating an opportunity for a family by building their new subdivision.’”

This is the second time Fiore has been recognized as a Titan 100.

“I’m honored to have been selected as a Titan 100 in 2021 and have enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with so many amazing people, learn from their experiences and, in turn, provide opportunities for others to learn from my experiences,” he said.

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Butch Says

“Be courageous and vulnerable in communication in order to allow your relationships to thrive.”


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