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Bill Graebel


Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Founded: 1950

Industry: Global Relocation Management

Bill Graebel sought out the common denominators that connect with people worldwide as he worked to define the culture of his company, Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide.

He arrived at truth and love, then added integrity.

“I included integrity because unless there is action and accountability, the values of truth and love would only be words and intentions,” he said. “So, the lesson learned is every opportunity or challenge can be solved if first looked at in the context of where and how does truth apply and where and how does love apply. Then with that framework, you can begin to identify processes, tech, staffing levels, policies, etc. that become aligned with the objective or need we are trying to solve for.

“Bringing those values to life has truly been a powerful asset in developing our culture, our efforts around DE&I, ESG, supplier partnerships, client relationships and is a massive differentiator for Graebel in our industry.”

Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide handles relocation management for Fortune 500 companies’ personnel and facilities. Revenue in 2021 was up approximately 40% from 2020 and 20% over 2019 pre-pandemic levels. Cost savings, automation enhancements and system refinements drove a significant increase in the company’s financial efficiency. The company had a net increase of 150 employees worldwide and expanded service offerings.

Graebel said perhaps the company’s greatest accomplishment in 2021 was its employee retention in the face of the Great Resignation that hit most industries. “Voluntary turnover rates remained at their lowest level in company history,” he said. “And as of late 2021, 81% of the staff who chose to comment anonymously on Glassdoor indicated they would recommend Graebel as an employer to their best friend. That kind of continuity and loyalty was critical to our success.”

In the past year, the company refreshed its website, Graebel.com, and added an incentive component to its benefits package to help with employee recruitment and retention at its locations across the globe. In 2022, the company is investing in a six-month leadership training program for more than 100 of its employees.

Graebel is the second-generation leader of the company that bears his family name, and the third generation is involved in the company workforce, too. The company and family are supporters of the Business School at the University of Colorado-Denver, providing scholarship funds for first-generation Americans in the MBA program. The company is also involved with The National Leadership Academy, contributing time and resources to help at-risk students see a path to success through continued education. Graebel is also involved as a trustee with the Denver Area Council of Boy Scouts.

This is Graebel’s second time landing on the Titan 100 list. “I was very pleased and honored to have been selected as a Titan 100 CEO in 2021,” he said. “I was gratified for the affirmation that I’m on the right track with my style of leadership and community support.”

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bill Says

“The lesson learned is every opportunity or challenge can be solved if first looked at in the context of where and how does truth apply and where and how does love apply.”


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