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Alina Smith

Pet Releaf

Location: Littleton, Colorado
Founded: 2014
Industry: Pet

As Alina Smith’s beloved dog, Mattie, reached the end of her life, pharmaceuticals weren’t helping, and Smith watched as her companion’s health declined. Eventually the family had to put down Mattie to end her pain.

Throughout that process, Smith recognized a gap in the pet industry for natural and holistic options to relieve stress and pain. Smith set out to offer safe, quality and transparent products to pets suffering the way Mattie did.

After years of learning about and studying the power of hemp, Pet Releaf was born in 2014. Today, the Littleton, Colorado, company offers a variety of hemp treats, CBD oils and capsules for pets.

The growth has been exponential.

Between 2017 and 2020, Pet Releaf grew 486%. In the next five years, Pet Releaf looks to grow tenfold. There are plans to expand to new markets and offer new products. As more markets legalize hemp, the company will grow both domestically and internationally. Pet Releaf aims to partner with a national organization to donate its goods to help rescued pets in particular, because those animals often suffer psychologically before they find a new home.

“Alina has been the heart of Pet Releaf and has built a team to help spread its mission over the years,” Smith’s team said. “With her drive and passion setting the example for the rest of the Pet Releaf family, the brand has been one of the fastest growing over the past decade. Alina’s determination has helped gain 40% of the market share and helped pet lovers worldwide.”

Smith is involved in the details of her business, working closely with the product development team to find better ingredients and new technologies to bring the company’s products to an even higher quality. She vets each of the company’s partners to ensure their values align with Pet Releaf ’s.

“As our brand grows, our generous CEO shares all of the successes with the entire Pet Releaf family,” Smith’s staff said. “Recently, Alina announced that Pet Releaf employees would gain ownership of the brand she introduced to all of us.”

Pet Releaf has been recognized in several publications nationwide and received numerous awards. Among the highlights are the Denver Business Journal’s Fast 50 Growing Businesses 2020 and Inc.’s 5,000 of the Fastest Growing Private Companies 2021 — #2,159.

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"Alina's determination has helped gain 40% of the market share and helped pet lovers worldwide."

Alina says:

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