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Shay Kerman

Urgent Care Solutions

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2013
Industry: Healthcare

Shortly after moving to Minnesota, Shay Kerman’s 9-year-old son fell and sustained a head injury. She rushed him to the emergency room where the doctors put him under observation for several hours. Fortunately, her son didn’t need any special care and was released the same day; however, her healthcare insurance policy had a high deductible, resulting in a bill well over $1,000 from the hospital.

Later, Kerman learned that if she had taken her son to an urgent care center versus the ER, her bill wouldn’t have been so high. That’s when her strategic thinking kicked in and she started to consider how she could help other people avoid this kind of situation. As a result, in 2014, Kerman founded Urgent Care Solutions, doing business as AFC Urgent Care in Denver, as well as Primary Care Solutions.

The company grew from seven employees to 140 employees divided across nine urgent care and testing center locations in just eight years with an average of 200,000 patients every year.

“What sets Urgent Care Solutions apart is the fact that in keeping with Shay’s vision, they offer quality healthcare at affordable rates,” said her staff. She trains the staff to educate patients to be better healthcare consumers.

“Shay is a Titan in her industry because she’s a visionary who follows through,” said her employees. “She has a personal connection to the patients Urgent Care Solutions serves; she was once in the same situation so she knows what it’s like to have to make a quick decision as to what to do, where to go, and who to trust in a matter that may be life or death.”

Kerman has taken her passion for educating and providing high-quality, affordable healthcare one step further. Urgent Care Solutions provides free flu shots and other healthcare services to underprivileged communities in Colorado. She has also traveled to Ghana and Zambia with Project C.U.R.E and Maranatha to help build satellite clinics as a team leader with a team of providers to offer healthcare services in remote villages and in underserved areas where people don’t have access to healthcare.

“You can measure success in two important ways,” said Kerman. “First, the business metrics, such as customer assessment and overall company growth. Secondly, it’s about providing opportunities for employee growth both professional and personally.”

She is passionate about empowering her team. “People want to grow, and nothing is more rewarding for a successful leader than helping team members grow to leaders in our company,” said Kerman.

Her success has landed Kerman the title of a Titan of industry.

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"People want to grow, and nothing is more rewarding for a successful leader than helping team members grow to leaders in our company."