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Sean Saunders

CFO & Chief Administrative Officer
Custom Made Meals

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2009
Industry: Food Manufacturing

After working for world-class organizations, such as GE and Disney, Sean Saunders had a complete understanding of supply chain and operations. That’s why, in 2009, he decided to make the shift to Custom Made Meals, focusing on producing oven-ready entrees and appetizers for grocery retailers nationwide.

As the CFO and Chief Administrative Officer, Saunders makes things happen. “He is forward thinking and creative,” his staff said. “Sean is the person that everyone trusts to lead and grow our business.”

His staff describes him as a driven but also truly genuine person. “Sean cares deeply about his team and his colleagues,” said his employees. “Sean is always concerned about the financial pictures, but he is great at negotiating and moving the company forward.”

Although Saunders was hired to lead the finance team, in reality he is running the company, said his staff. Custom Made Meals is growing and has recently remodeled and reconfigured the production area to add additional products while taking on new grocery store chains. Under Saunders’ leadership, the company is looking to build an additional facility on the East Coast.

“We are number one in our industry and that is due to Sean,” said his staff. “We would not be where we are without his vision and leadership.”

Putting 100% into his actions and efforts, Saunders is focused on being the best in everything he does. He has his CPSM to enhance his business performance and has obtained a black belt in Lean Six Sigma to enhance his personal life. Saunders is also an Ironman triathlete.

He not only makes things happen, but he encourages his staff to do the same. “Sean has accomplished so much,” said his staff. “We are continually amazed at his level of competence, intensity, and speed of his performance.”

According to Saunders, leaders must be humble, must seek out mentors who will challenge your beliefs and surround themselves with leaders who are better. “My first mentor told me that the greatest gift and responsibility you will ever be given is the responsibility of leading others,” said Saunders. “Many of my greatest professional rewards have come from mentoring my teams and helping them grow their careers.”

Saunders believes that when driving change, it’s important to bring people with you. “I’ve found success by providing clarity in the vision and necessity for change, gaining commitment, leading from the front, learning from our failures, and most importantly, celebrating the wins,” he said.

For his commitment to growing the company, empowering his staff, and making things happen personally and professionally, Saunders has been named a Titan of industry.

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"Many of my greatest professional rewards have come from mentoring my teams and helping them grow their careers."