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Will Feldman Garlic Media Group 1

Will Feldman

Founder & CEO

Garlic Media Group

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2009

Industry: Video Production

As a forward-thinking young adult, Will Feldman had yet to discover what an entrepreneur was until he assumed the role a few years out of college and launched Garlic Media Group in 2009. He started the company from scratch, in a poor economy, without any clients.

However, he had the foresight to know that video on the web was going to be a game changer and existing bandwidth would be forced to increase. “I had a vision to create a video production house focused on the needs of business owners,” he said.

And, that’s exactly what he did. As the founder and CEO of Garlic Media Group, Feldman has continued to grow and expand his video production company. It has been one of the largest production companies in Colorado for the past four years.

Garlic Media Group’s leading charge is to produce technology to create AI/Machine Learning Video Production while maintaining a custom video production house.

“We believe we can be a $200 million to $1 billion company in three to five years with the AI Video Tech service offering we are developing,” said Feldman. “We will also most likely have a suite of SMB marketing, branding and Ad Tech AI services to round out our offerings.”

Feldman said the future is bright at Garlic Media Group, a company whose name was inspired by his father’s quest to become a gourmet garlic farmer at the ripe age of 74 years.

“My father inspired us that we could do anything we wanted at any time in our life,” said Feldman of his father who is nearly 87 now and is still growing 18 rare varieties and 120,000 heads of garlic today.

The inspiration instilled by his father and Feldman’s ability to be an eternal optimist has led to the continued success of his video production company. Such character traits have led to recognition for his award-winning production team, a team that has earned nine Emmys, a dozen film festival laurels and launched several seasons of national shows. Garlic Media Group has produced videos in multiple countries, at least 40 states in the U.S. and has had commercials air in every state.

Within the next 10 years, Feldman said he is not afraid to pursue and launch new endeavors which may not be so popular today. “I want to continue to innovate and lead by action because I believe that a leader has to be bold and nimble,” he said. “If we keep doing the right thing by our clients and help them succeed, then we will always be successful.”

Because Feldman is continually learning and pushing the limits within the industry, he has earned himself a spot as a Titan of industry.

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Fun Fact:

Will is a Dr of Chiropractic and had one of the largest practices in the State of CO for several years before he decided to exit and follow other dreams. His love of video and photography started in 8th grade and he has rarely been without a camera of some sort since. This led him to a PR photography job where he captured images of many sports stars like Larry Bird and Tim Duncan, notables like Tony Robbins, politicians and 13 olympic teams. This opened up an opportunity for him to dance the conga with Gloria Estefan in the ’96 closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Atlanta! 


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