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Thomas Ajspur

Founder & CEO


Location: Englewood, CO

Founded: 2013

Industry: Consulting

In 2013, Thomas Ajspur came home from work and said to his wife: “I hate my job.” He told her he saw three options. One, he could stay in his job and continue to hate it. Two, he could resign, but then they would have to return to Denmark. Or, three, he could start his own business. Ajspur said he added option #3 as a joke, but his wife surprised him and suggested the third option.

“Having been in the Microsoft Dynamics industry since 1999, working both in the U.S. and Europe, I had a unique perspective,” said Ajspur. “Compared to Europe, the United States market was significantly underserved when it came to Microsoft Dynamics.”

He set out to start a business that would change that with a goal of creating a company that would become the leading Microsoft Dynamics provider in the U.S. Ajspur made the decision to purchase two Dynamics businesses, combined the two, and branded the company as ENAVATE.

Ajspur believed in creating a vision for his team members, and in doing so, he changed the entire culture of the company. Vision 2020 was born, and Vision 2024 is about to launch, which will put ENAVATE on the path to 500 Million.

“We will be a company focused on an empowered culture – one that others look to, to model their businesses after,” said Ajspur. “We will redefine the way ERP solutions are delivered and establish ourselves as a leading NetSuite provider and Microsoft Dynamics provider in the U.S.”

The company is well on its way. In 2019, a major strategic partnership more than doubled the company’s size and revenue. Additions were made to the executive leadership team, including a chief human resource officer, chief marketing officer and managing director to support the 300+ employee organization.

As a seasoned entrepreneur who has served as part of leadership teams for five major acquisitions, Ajspur believes that expanding his network and seeking more knowledge is the key to success. “Do not assume you know everything,” he said.

By continuing to learn, Ajspur has taken his knowledge of the ERP market and Dynamics industry to form a company that is now a leader in the Microsoft channel. He is a Microsoft Gold Partner with seven gold certifications and continues to share his knowledge at speaking engagements, such as the Dynamic Communities Summit.

For his entrepreneurial skills, vision, and ability to lead, Ajspur has been named a Titan of industry.

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Fun Fact:

Thomas’ dad has 10 kids from 9 different moms.


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