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Stanley Franklin Bullis Unbridled Companies 1

Stanley Franklin Bullis


Unbridled Companies

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2001

Industry: Full- Service Events Agency

Stanley Franklin Bullis will attest that his secret to building a successful business is to operate from the bottom up.

Rising from the dish room with Marriott at age 16, Bullis eventually moved to the boardroom at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and at age 29 became CEO for TG Worldwide. Today Bullis, founding partner and president, of Unbridled Companies, is a titan in the full-service events agency industry with an expanding group of 25 businesses. A leader by nature, his driving passion to “restore people and places” with a deep desire to start hundreds of businesses has paid off. His combined total sales are exceeding $100 million.

Knowing first hand that the rise to the top is no easy feat, Bullis has proven it is worth every minute of hard work and focus. He attributed much of his success to his supportive, talented team.

“I believe in people over positions in order to find the right people and create jobs around them,” Bullis said. “This has paid off in the gross revenue that increases year over year.”

His insight into people and business inspired Bullis to create what has now become known as the 20:20:60 business model. Following this model, the Unbridled Companies prioritize social good by giving the first 20% of profits to UnbridledACTS, their non-profit.

“This has generated millions in social good with an impact reach from the US, to Africa, Costa Rica, Pakistan and more,” Bullis said. “The second 20% of profits are reinvested in the Unbridled Companies to guarantee stability during economic fluctuations and the remaining 60% of profits are distributed to shareholders.”

In other words: Community first, Business second, Shareholders third.

Today, the Unbridled Brand is summarized in three core principles: Destiny (cultivating individual and team identities), Authenticity (focusing on being genuine, likeable and reliable), and Radical Generosity (doing good by doing well). Bullis’ passion for restoration has led to his most recent endeavor: the renovation of six historic commercial buildings in Fremont County, Colorado. This renovation project includes the historic Hotel St. Cloud, as part of a large-scale rural economic development plan for the area.

Bullis’ future plans are being structured. In the next 5 years, Unbridled will see the highest employee and client retention rate of any company in the industry and a city will be revitalized through our Cañon City initiative- creating hundreds of jobs for people in Fremont County.

“We have an 83% employee retention rate over a 7-year period. 97% client retention rate from year to year,” Bullis said. He added that 24 of 26 new companies started under Unbridled are still in operation. “We are thriving in various different markets.”
Bullis continues to encourage innovation and help people become the best version of themselves through various initiatives.

“I want to help people be seen for who they are, help them find vision, and destiny for their life,” Bullis said. “It is then they will begin to realize that anything is possible.
For is tremendous success, passion, and servant-leadership mindset, Bullis has been named a Titan of industry.

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Fun Fact:

Stanley has a guitar in every office building in case he decides to have a quick jam session between meetings. In his free time, you’ll often find Stan  with his wife, Cindy, and their three kids, touring around Colorado in an RV.


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