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Skye Perry Ssp Innovations 1

Skye Perry

Founder & CEO

SSP Innovations

Location: Centennial, CO

Founded: 2003

Industry: Software and Services for Utilities

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial lineage, Skye Perry, CEO, SSP Innovations, has always been a successful leader. Starting his first company at age 12, Perry grew his lawn service business, selling it after seven successful years. As for the entrepreneurial life, Perry was hooked.

“I always knew I would run my own company again but didn’t know the industry or location,” Perry said. Finding himself at a crossroads, Perry had to decide between becoming a high school band director or starting his journey into technology and business.

For Perry, the sky was the limit.

“I had the opportunity to go full time with SSP in 2007 based on some life events as well as a single customer committing to a yearlong contract. At the time, I believed it may have only been a year-long engagement but quickly realized that we had the ability to grow the customer base quickly,” Perry said. “I never imagined I’d build a company in the area of my early professional career and consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity.”

Starting in his basement as a single person company, Perry has built a reputable brand and business. Today, SSP Innovations is a leading IT services and software development company focused on delivering GIS and workforce management solutions to electric, gas, and water utilities as well as oil & gas pipeline operators and telecommunication providers. Due to his hard work and dedication, SSP Innovations now employs upwards of 150 individuals in multiple offices across the United States. And while Perry attributes his growth to skills including coding, software design and project management, he attributes the greatest growth of his business to leadership and vision.

“I have the ability to make people believe and pursue a joint vision and that has enabled our growth both externally in the industry as well as internally with our employees. SSP is now a brand much bigger than my initials,” he said.

A lifelong learner, writer and speaker, Perry has grown SSP from 10K in his first year in 2003 to one of the largest geospatial firms within the industry in 2019. A 40 under 40 winner via the DBJ and a four-time recipient of the Gator100 award for the 100 fastest growing gator-led businesses, Perry is also a triple winner of the Esri Partner Award Recipient, and the Denver Business Journal Best Places to Work 2016. According to Perry, a lot of time was spent as a company “evangelizing within our industry on how to best use geospatial technology to change the way that our customers do business.” He explained that by doing so it keeps SSP, “relevant and tuned in to the latest and greatest trends in both the industry itself as well as the supporting tech.”

Looking towards the future, Perry has focus. Planning to double his headcount and his revenue, he says, “We have become the vendor of choice in our industry. We don’t take that lightly and will respectfully continue to grow SSP to serve our customers.” His impactful leadership will lead the way.

“If there is one thing I’ve done well, it is to create a vision and a war cry that these wonderfully gifted leaders rally behind,” Perry said. “I’m always humbled to have the opportunity to work with my team each and every day. “

For his visionary prowess, innovation and success in technology, Perry has been named a Titan of industry.

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Fun Fact:

Skye is a lifelong musician who owns a ranch south of Denver and loves riding horses through the CO wilderness. 


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