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Scott Maloney Crain Company 1

Scott Maloney

Founder & Senior Partner

Crain & Company

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2009

Industry: Consulting; life sciences, technology, consumer, investment industries

As a scientist, Scott Maloney focused on conducting research in the genetics of oncology. However, when he had the opportunity to join a team who commercialized a piece of technology into industry, Maloney developed a passion for seeing laboratory discoveries grow and evolve into commercial products. He had found his calling.

“I went back to graduate school and got a Top 20 MBA before committing to the industry by joining a financial and commercialization team at Pfizer,” said Maloney. “There, I honed the skills necessary for launching technologies on a global scale and was ready to jump in with both feet and move on.

Maloney later joined an up and coming biotech firm where he was responsible for finance and optimization. Afterwards, he wanted to broaden his industry experience beyond the life sciences, so he joined a tech company where he was responsible for market expansion, growth and strategic partnerships. He continued to make challenging and rewarding moves and has held the positions of Vice President, CFO and CEO for a number of tech and life science companies.

Eventually, Maloney launched Crain & Company, a thriving strategy, growth and M&A consulting firm. “We have supported many companies, from Fortune 500 to growing startups, as they seek to create and benefit from unassailable advantages in their markets,” he said.

Crain & Company’s vision has always been to serve as the clients’ ultimate competitive advantage. As a result, the firm has helped many companies expand their market share, secure investment, close strategic partnership deals and execute acquisitions. The company’s headquarters is in Denver with a branch office in Seattle. The firm plans to open a third and fourth office within the next five years.

“We will continue supporting our clients’ needs while building a strategic leadership that shapes the changing fast acquisitions and mergers in order to open new doors for young companies as business evolves to a higher rate and higher quality rewarding partnerships,” said Maloney.

According to Maloney’s colleagues, his leadership has made Crain & Company as successful as it is today. “Titans have influence, leadership and vision. Scott embodies all of these many times over.” His staff cites his ability to connect with leaders and policy makers throughout the country who rely on his insights for business creation and entrepreneurial activities.

Maloney serves as a Trustee on the Board of Directors for one of the leading Top 20 business schools, serves as a national keynote speaker and has published peer-reviewed scientific articles in publications with global reach.

He believes that true leadership is guidance and enablement. “If I can establish clear, but audacious goals for my clients and team; resource them to be able to reach those goals and provide the tools and facilities to be the best version of themselves; then mountains can be moved,” said Maloney.

For his prodigious leadership skills and influence in the industry, Maloney has earned a spot as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Scott likes to donate his time to mentor the next generation but this is largely already known. What is definitely a lesser known fun fact about Scott is that he has two black belts from two different martial arts styles and helped to put himself through undergraduate education by teaching karate and fighting in small regional tournaments.


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