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Raj Dani Ping Identity Corporation 1

Raj Dani

Chief Financial Officer

Ping Identity Corporation (NYSE: PING)

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2002

Industry: Cybersecurity Software

If you ask Raj Dani what has been the greatest lesson learned from being a leader, he would tell you that “what must be done eventually, should be done immediately.” That lesson has guided him throughout his career and continues to dominate in his role as the chief financial officer at Ping Identity Corporation.

Dani is no stranger to leadership. He has held several strategic and financial leadership roles in both public companies and private equity-backed portfolio companies. Prior to being named CFO at Ping Identity in 2016, he led the turnaround of the largest global A/V systems integration company, enabling its sale from SilverLake Sumeru to HIG Capital.

“I was the third CFO brought in by the private equity firm to run the turnaround and I led all aspects of the eventual sale of the company,” said Dani. His accomplishments, though, extend even further. In 2016, Vista Equity Partners, the leading software private equity investment firm, tapped Dani to help build Ping Identity, a sub-$100 million and loss-making company to a profitable, growth and scaled software company.

As a strategic business partner to the CEO, he helped build out the company’s global operations, more than doubling its size in two years in both revenue and headcount and led the highly successful IPO of the company in September 2019.

At Ping Identity Corporation, Dani continues to lead a diverse set of functions including accounting, tax, legal, IS/IT, payroll, information security, business transformation, corporate strategy/mergers and acquisitions and investor relations. The continued mission is to secure the entire digital world for global enterprises through intelligent identity and do it in a socially responsible manner.

According to his colleagues, what makes Dani stand out is that he maintains a focus on people: “It’s a key differentiator as he serves formally and informally as a mentor to many people in the community as they aspire and work to achieve higher career goals.”

Dani’s efforts have been recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, earning the honor of 2016 CFO of the Year. He has also been featured on podcasts and in several industry publications.

Moving forward, Dani said he plans to continue to be a thought leader on CFO podcasts and in print in financial media. “I attend multiple analyst and investor conferences to speak about cybersecurity in general and identity and API security as well,” he said.

For Dani’s ability to combine strategic financial management with operational excellence to drive profitable growth and scalability makes him a Titan of Industry.

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Fun Fact:

Growing up in Florida, Dani’s only reference point of skiing was being pulled by a boat. At age 29, when PWC asked Dani to move to Switzerland, he soon discovered the only way to make friends was to learn to snow ski. He took lessons surrounded by a bunch of kids (who were also beginners, but virtually experts compared to him!). Eventually he got the hang of it and loved it so much, he decided to live in Denver and enjoy the world class resorts of Colorado. He’s now an avid snow skier.


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