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Perry Louis Fields

Chief Executive Officer

Frau Fowler

Location: Castle Rock, CO

Founded: 2016

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods

Perry Louis Fields began her career as a USA track and field athlete. However, her career was halted when she experienced an infected cavitation from wisdom teeth removal that left her bed-ridden for five years. After recovering, Fields set out to enter a new career field, went to school to study science and engineering and moved to Colorado.

“I started to use my knowledge of health care and oral care to start a manufacturing company, making highly innovative personal care and oral care products,” said Fields.

Frau Fowler, a CPG personal care and health care manufacturing firm, was founded in 2016, 100% self-funded, and since then has grown 900% with products sold across the U.S., including big box retail outlets.

Frau Fowler has created the first ever natural oral care tab for adults and kids to support enamel remineralization. The firm has manufactured more than 65 products in three years.

“A manufacturing company started by a woman makes up less than 1% of all manufacturers,” said Field. Her perseverance and leadership style, though, has resulted in a hands-on strategy.

“I don’t sit at a desk all day,” said Fields. “I juggle every business decision you could possibly think of, including decisions about cash flow, operations, formulation, distribution, marketing, machinery, vendors, retailers and packaging equipment lines.”

Fields also takes the time to answer every single product review on Amazon and every single customer question. Her attentiveness and thorough approach stems from her appreciation of what it means to bootstrap a business. Since the business was launched with Field’s own investment, she said not taking other money has resulted in slower growth. “I’ve been very smart about where our money goes and how we spend it,” she said.

Leading a small team and experiencing significant growth has required Fields to rely on innovation with science to back up the ideas. She and her company have been recognized for doing just that. Fields has served as a medical pioneer in energy medicine and plant medicine for autoimmune disease and Lyme disease, serving as a keynote speaker for the American College for Advancement in Medicine. She has also been published in various health magazines.

Fields said that leading her company has allowed her to share her expertise, and also learn more about patience when patenting innovative products.

For her modernization and success in the health care and personal care industry, Fields has earned a spot as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Perry ran a mile everyday at recess in elementary school and accumulated a 1000 mile certificate by the time she left North Springs Elementary (courtesy of Ms. Brown, her PE Teacher). 


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