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Patrick Condon Fbc Remodel 1

Patrick Condon

Founder & CEO

FBC Remodel

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 1997

Industry: Residential Design Build/ Remodel

After moving from the Midwest to Denver, Patrick Condon found himself reading the book: “Blue Ocean Strategy.”

“Essentially, the book is about the idea of not swimming in shark infested water, but instead swimming where there is less chaos in the blue ocean,” he said. “I realized that the remodel industry, especially the basement industry, was my blue ocean.”

In 1997, Condon opened his first company dubbed The Finished Basement and quickly was named one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in Colorado. What was once a one-man band company operating out of a van, Condon’s business, now named FBC Remodel, is a well-known residential design and remodel firm with more than 40 employees and 2019 annual revenues of $15-$25 million.

As the CEO, Condon operates FBC Remodel with a “Build Joy” motto. “It’s derived from the company’s purpose of not only creating beautiful designs for homes, but also improving the lives of homeowners through custom plans based on their values and lifestyle,” said Condon.

According to his employees, Condon puts his heart and soul into taking the joy they build for clients and bringing that into the workplace at FBC Model. “He defines true joy as the intersection of success and well-being and believes every team member has it in them to be a leader in one way or another.”

To encourage leaders to emerge, Condon incorporates structured leadership development for every employee to maximize overall human development whilst in the workplace. “The leadership development initiative involves structure and coaching from team leaders to craft fundamental, lifelong habits that influence professional success and personal well-being,” said Condon.

He invests in the joy of his team each and every day and works to inspire the community and the industry. FBC Remodel has won several culture awards, including the 2019 Best and Brightest Places to Work and Outside’s Best Places to Work in 2018 and 2019. Condon was also honored as the past president of the YPO and EO organizations.

As a leader, Condon believes it’s important to first seek to understand when communicating and learning from others. “This coincides with helping people find the path to get what they want versus getting what I want,” he said. “It is all about developing and growing people to achieve their potential and big dreams.”

According to Condon, he plans to remain influential in the industry by staying ahead of the curve and continuing to grow as a person. For his ability to ‘build joy” and positive leadership influence, Condon has earned a spot as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Patrick actually started FBC out of the back of a van. He used to go to clients homes, open up the van and have them climb in to pick out their finishes. 


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