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Nicole Rueth The Rueth Team 1

Nicole Rueth

Producing Branch Manager

The Rueth Team at Fairway Mortgage

Location: Englewood, CO

Founded: 2013

Industry: Real Estate Mortgage Lender

In college, Nicole Rueth wanted to launch a career as a math teacher. However, she soon switched career tracks and pursued finance to learn more about the dynamics of markets. This switch turned out to be the right choice for Rueth who is now the No.1 Mortgage Lender in Colorado.

“I found a career where I can use my innate ability to solve complex mathematical problems for new homeowners,” said Rueth.

When she first began working at Fairway Mortgage, Rueth was motivated to climb the ladder. She quickly found herself as one of the top producing branch managers. This did not necessarily sit well with others, though.

“I was told by peers that other branch managers were putting targets on my back,” said Rueth. “It wasn’t a comfortable place to find myself as a female rising in the male-dominated industry of finance.”

She decided to find her own place and navigated adversity to lead the Rueth Team to dominate the competition, processing over $182 million in loans in 2019 alone.

“The Rueth Team’s success is not just about producing the greatest number of mortgages but allowing the company to also create clients for life,” said Rueth. “I strive to educate clients not only on the home they’re buying today, but also how they can leverage today’s investment to create their own portfolio of investments, and ultimately, how to use home financing to create personal wealth to pass down to their children.”

Rueth does just that by posting educational videos, webinars and social media posts about how to build wealth using real estate. She has positioned herself as the go-to source for local Denver real estate market statistics for agents, homeowners and local media.

Her efforts and success led to the honor of being named the No. 1 originator nationwide at Fairway, as well as other national and local accolades. Rueth was ranked in the top 200 mortgage advisors in the nation and No. 1 top Colorado lender by Mortgage Executive Magazine in addition to being named a Five Star Professional by Denver’s 5280 Magazine.

Rueth said that her vision is to change how mortgage lenders approach their business. “Rather than advertising mortgages, I am striving to lead the charge to have mortgage lenders become proactive public educators, mentors and financial advisors,” she said.

She has been able to find success as a top mortgage lender and as a leader who has achieved synergies in the real estate business “It has been an important business and life lesson that when we are able to leverage the synergy of individual skills and motivations, the resulting outcome is exponentially greater,” Rueth said.

Her boundless success as a mortgage lender, drive and motivation has earned Rueth a spot as a Titan of industry.

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Fun Fact:

Unbeknownst to many, in 2012 Nicole took a brief hiatus from the world of lending and obtained the distinction of becoming a Natural Food Chef. With the same amount of vigor and intensity she applies to being the best in the lending industry, she also applies to being an exquisite natural food chef.


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