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Nick Stanitz-Harper

Co-Founder & CRO

Edison Interactive

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2016

Industry: Software design, development & analytics

Known for his exuberant enthusiasm in and out of the workplace, Nick Stanitz-Harper has made it his lifelong journey to build technology that connects brands to customers in more meaningful ways.

As the CRO and founder of Edison Interactive, a customer-experience technology company that’s taking digital media, Internet of Things, Digital Out-of-Home and data to another level, Stanitz-Harper’s infectious positive attitude has led the company to continue making a positive impact across all industries, including hospitality, travel and fitness, golf and rental cars.

Stanitz-Harper began this quest at 25 when he founded All Digital Circulation, followed by Sticky Media and later, Edison Interactive in 2016. Under his leadership Edison Interactive has set a precedence of what’s to come within the industry in the next five years.

“We kicked off 2019 announcing the minority interest investment from internationally renowned ‘Great White Shark’ Greg Norman and business partner David Chessler,” said Stanitz-Harper. The partnership included $10.7 million in total funding.

In addition to this current partnership, the growth of the business is attributed to Stanitz-Harper’s ability to cultivate strong relationships with industry giants. Since the launch of Edison Interactive, the company has grown 100% in revenue year after year and has tripled their headcount, leading to an expansion at the Denver headquarters.

Failure is not an option for Stanitz-Harper. “The greatest failure is not to try,” he said.

His entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration as a leader has allowed Edison Interactive to forge partnerships with companies such as MGM, iHeartRadio, Verizon, Shark Experience and Avis Budget Group.

His success stems from a philosophy that inspiration is fostered and encouraged. “I want to create an environment where I inspire and I’m inspired by others,” he said. “I believe that the most valuable asset is your people.”

Stanitz-Harper has motivated his team to believe that challenges can be resolved whether you’re a multi-million-dollar company or a startup. That’s why he invests in the right people and supports smart innovative technology that is developed and driven by key talent.

As a result of his vision and motivation, Edison Interactive is one of the fastest growing marketplaces for digital-out-of-home software development in the nation. “Identifying both financial and professional opportunities for growth and development not only motivates me, but also encourages those on our team to constantly do their best,” Stanitz-Harper said.

He is deeply committed to building customer experience technology that brings people together and makes life more enjoyable. He leads by example in building key partnerships with brands on a global scale. For these reasons and more, Stanitz-Harper has earned recognition as a Titan of industry.

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