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Nic Easley 3c Consulting 1

Nic Easley

Founder & CEO

3C Consulting, LLC

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2015

Industry: Cannabis

Intelligent. Honorable. Successful. Humble. Four characteristics of a true leader. Four noted characteristics of Nic Easley, named a Titan of industry.

Easley is the founder and CEO of 3C Consulting, LLC, one of the leading consulting firms in the cannabis industry. He advises clients on some of the world’s most substantial legal cannabis ventures. A knowledgeable forerunner in the industry, he is the first to admit his business inefficiencies. He is also the first to acknowledge, address and apply his acquired knowledge to better himself, his team, and his business as a whole.

“I’ve learned a lot about how much I can grow to do better in my roles,” Easley said. “Understanding how teams perform, as a result of how I perform as a leader, has been a consistent motivation for self-improvement.”

Easley moved to Colorado in 2006 after being honorably discharged from the United States Air Force. At that time, he became a patient of the state’s early medicinal cannabis program, where he experienced first-hand both the therapeutic benefits of the plant as well as the shortcomings in the program’s oversight.

“I witnessed how caregivers were haphazardly cultivating cannabis in poorly maintained grow rooms that put patient safety at risk,” he said. And what Easley witnessed he deemed unacceptable and dangerous.

Leveraging his previous experience in agriculture, Easley started to advise caregivers on how to clean up their operations, produce better quality product, and improve their yields. In 2007, Nic founded 3E – Easley Environmental Engineering, to provide agricultural consulting services to Colorado’s early licensed medicinal cannabis cultivators. After Colorado’s adult-use legalization in 2012, the industry started to take off rapidly. Over the next eight years, Easley founded 3C Consulting and started to build a team of experts from both the cannabis industry and outside sectors to help guide business owners. 3C has expanded into every new medicinal and adult-use cannabis market that has come online. Easley is making a difference.

Easley’s passion for agriculture and his personal experience with the therapeutic benefits of cannabis drives him to push to improve the industry relentlessly. He has helped to build cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, delivery, and ancillary product and service companies ranging from small indoor operations to over 200,000 sq.ft. indoor and five-hectare, four-season hybrid greenhouse operations. In addition to his business success, Easley has been acknowledged for numerous awards and recognitions including a High Times TrailBlazer award in 2015 and one of the rising stars in cannabis investment by Business Insider in 2018. Most recently, Easley and 3C Consulting were recognized at the Denver Business Journal’s Fast 50 awards.

Easley said that 3C Consulting has had a substantial impact on the standards for commercial cannabis production, manufacturing, distribution, and retail sales. He added that as new markets emerge both in the United States and globally, 3C will be on the ground floor of each of these markets to help establish responsible and profitable businesses.

“Things are ever-changing in our industry, so it’s important to remember- no stagnation and constant evolution,” Easley said.

Wise words of wisdom from a successful, humble businessman.

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Fun Fact:

Nic is an extremely competent wilderness guide who is accomplished in just about every outdoor adventure sport. He has backpacked the entirety of the 2,200+ mile long Appalachian Trail, a journey that took over six months to complete, and has spent nearly a year of his life in the Grand Canyon having rafted or kayaked down the canyon ten times. Additionally, Nic has led climbing, backcountry skiing, and whitewater river trips across the United States. Nic has tremendous knowledge of ecology and the indigenous cultures of numerous regions and is a great teacher. He is trained as a Wilderness First Responder and has experience navigating the inherent risks of these adventures and making clear decisions under pressure. When he’s not designing clean, efficient greenhouses or troubleshooting Trichoderma microbial interactions, you can find him exploring urban foothills, foraging for medicinal roots such as Osha, or surfing the California coastline. Nic also enjoys visiting the sustainable, off-grid home he built at 9,000 feet in the foothills of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.


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