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Matt Hyder Recoup Fitness 1

Matt Hyder

Founder & CEO

Recoup Fitness

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2015

Industry: Health & Wellness

Matt Hyder is a confident man who is not afraid to admit his mistakes.

A self-proclaimed “fail-a-preneur”, Hyder explains that prior to founding Recoup Fitness, Inc. in 2015, he had run four businesses into the ground. Hyder says that from his failures he has learnt a lot and despite his down times he would not change a thing.

“The greatest lessons learned are achieved by solving your own problems,” Hyder said.
After suffering an athletic injury, Hyder created Recoup Fitness, Inc., a combination of his passion for athletics and his desire to create. Unhappy with the results of typical methods of recovery options, Hyder decided to try out an idea he came up with. After drilling a hole into an iron ball, he filled it with cooling gel.

Then he gave it a roll.

Hyder found that the iron ball and cooling gel worked. Hyder called his product the Cryosphere. He began making the product and reached his first goal of purchasing a 3D printer. Eyes wide open, Hyder took the leap and got a professional team, the 49er’s, as his first customer. Knowing that he was onto something big, Hyder dropped out of college in his senior year to work on Recoup full time. With determination driving him, Hyder grew Recoup Fitness, Inc. and saw the biggest growth in 2019. Recoup had grown by 426% from $827k in 2018 to $4.2m in 2019.

Hyder has a perseverance that is hard to match and his ability to learn from his own mistake has led him to succeed remarkably. Even after hundreds of investors turned him away, Hyder refused to give up.

“It forced me to look at what I was doing wrong and how to grow from those situations,” he said. “I not only learned how to solve my problems but also found that I enjoyed the process of applying what I learned to gain a positive result.”

As a business owner, positivity is essential to continued success. Like recovering from a sports injury, there is no looking backwards- only towards a stronger future. For Hyder, his five-year plans include a prosperous and advantageous future.

Planning to push the boundaries of other products using heat and cold therapies, Recoup aims to be the leading innovator in muscle recovery.

“We plan on becoming a global powerhouse that innovates and acquires companies,” Hyder said.
In addition to his business eminence, Hyder has been featured in Success Magazine- 30 Under 30; Forbes; Outside Magazine; The Doctors; Men’s Fitness; Men’s Journal, and Running Magazine.

And for Hyder, the future is an adventure of problem-solving and helping people.

“I want to find more problems and solve them,” Hyder said. “In the area of muscle recovery, Recoup Fitness, Inc. will set the gold standard.”

For his passion for athletics, his desire to create and perseverance in the face of adversity, Matt has been named a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Matt’s end goal is own the Nuggets one day. Not only own the team, but bring a Championship to Denver.


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