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Matt Frary

Chief of Chaos


Location: Castle Rock, CO

Founded: 2010

Industry: Digital Marketing

After graduating with an MBA, Matt Frary was struggling to find employment in the corporate world. He needed to pay back his student loans, so he considered turning in an application for a position as a bartender. However, a phone call from a friend stopped him from doing so.

“He said, ‘Don’t turn in the application;’ instead, build me a company in digital marketing and I’ll pay you for consulting and give you 33%,” said Frary. “So, I built ROI Rocket, my first venture that grew into a $40 million company.”

Frary sold his shares to the company in 2010. He continued to be determined to help advertisers’ sort through the very chaotic internet marketing world. From his basement, with two friends and neighbors, Frary built SmarterChaos.com in 2010. Since that time, SmarterChaos has launched marketing programs for several companies that have become billion-dollar brands, such as Dollar Shave Club, CBS Interactive and Fab Fit Fun.

“SmarterChaos is growing at a rapid rate with new clients every month, new marketing channels and disruptive technologies and solutions to help our clients grow and market profitable companies,” said Frary.

The company has also gained recognition, receiving 5 INC. 5000 listings as one of the fastest growing companies in America. SmarterChaos was also named a Colorado Top 100 Companies to Watch four times.

Moving forward, Frary said the focus is still on expanding the business. “We are raising capital to acquire other digital marketing firms in order to create the largest digital marketing firm in the world, while still maintaining our small-town values,” he said.

Those values have allowed Frary to gain success while still remaining humble. According to his colleagues: “Matt would not usually call himself a Titan of anything and he remains humbly focused on growing a compassionate, prosperous, people-focused enterprise that believes in Giving First and serving its people and its clients.”

Frary’s efforts have led to several recognitions over the years, including the Entrepreneur 360 Award, the opportunity to contribute to Forbes and publish two Amazon booklets on affiliate and influencer marketing.

He said his greatest lesson learned from leadership is to lead from behind in times of success but lead from the front in times of crisis. Frary keeps these lessons in mind while serving as an example and an influential member of the industry. “I plan to remain influential by leading from the front, solving problems everyone needs solved and helping those in the industry and around me lead with compassion, focus on prosperity and show kindness,” he said.

For his influence in digital marketing disruptive technologies and solutions, Frary has earned a spot as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Matt survived the Tsunami in 2004 in Thailand, floating at sea for 9 hours.  He was missing for several days until he could get word out to his family and friends in Colorado.  He knows that he has limited days on this earth, and makes the most of every. single. hour. every. single. day.


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