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Kristen Blessman

President & CEO

Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 1988

Industry: Chamber of Commerce

The vision of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce is to put Colorado on the map for women in business. That important mission and the need to take the chamber to the next level was the primary goal for Kristen Blessman when she became the CEO and president in 2017.

“I saw a need for a change in how they support and grow women in business,” said Blessman.

According to her staff, Blessman routinely shares the harrowing statistics about women business owners and women in top positions at companies. “It’s these statistics that have driven her to change the chamber around, so that these abysmal numbers can change,” they said.

Blessman’s first action was to restructure the team of the chamber while also bringing back critical corporate members and adding more value to the Board of Directors. She also worked to create programming that supports the growth of women in business. The chamber is now thriving and supporting a range of women and men. This is primarily because of Blessman, according to her staff.

“We want to be the organization spearheading women’s movement in innovative ways that support the growth of women-owned businesses and women in business,” said Blessman. The team is accomplishing this through specific programs such as the mentorship program for women working on advancing into the C-suite, a program that will help them grow in revenue, employees and offerings.

“We want to help our members create change with wage audits and provide a community that fosters growth and support,” said Blessman.

With Blessman’s leadership, the chamber has grown 25-30% each year, over the last two years. Blessman is also a prominent figure in the community and speaks at various events in the area, including her first Tedx last year. Blessman has been awarded the RISE Collaborative’s Women of Influence award in the non-profit category.

These honors are well-deserved, according to her staff, who describe Blessman as the face for women in business and a leader with a passion for change that is contagious. “She is also an charismatic leader, which shows her team and the chamber community the power of leading authentically and being on the forefront of change.”

“Advocating for women’s rights in business is coursing through me now and will always remain a part of what I do in any role,” said Blessman. “I will shout it to the moon and continue to fight to lift women up and show them that together, miracles can be accomplished.”

For her unending commitment and passion for women in business, Blessman has earned a spot as a Titan of industry.

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Fun Fact:

Kristen loves 70’s soft rock – including the Beegees.


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