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Komal Goyal 6e Technologies 1

Komal Goyal

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner

6e Technologies, LLC

Location: Denver, CO

Founded: 2003

Industry: IT Services

Komal Goyal firmly believes that you should never miss an opportunity to learn. “Be open to ideas from your team, clients and partners,” she said.

Her commitment to being a lifelong learner has allowed Goyal to grow her company, 6e Technologies, LLC, to revenues over $5 million in just two years. Success isn’t something new, though, for Goyal. She was a top performer for over a decade at a Big 4 firm and was eventually offered a partner position within the company.

However, she didn’t take the position.

“It was then that I realized I was feeling uninspired and wanted to create something of my own with my own imprint and one that encompasses my values and expertise,” said Goyal. And that is exactly what she did. Goyal founded 6e Technologies with her husband, Ravinder Goyal. In 2014, she took over the company and created a new strategy to adapt to changes in technologies and better help customers implement modern IT solutions.

Soon after, 6e Technologies established a reputation in the Oracle ecosystem for adopting the latest technology and delivering quality service. “Being one of the top Oracle partner companies, 6e Technologies was evangelizing Oracle’s cloud products and actually implemented one of Oracle’s first cloud customers,” said Goyal.

The company’s client base includes government agencies, such as the State of Colorado, as well as NTT Communications, Gates Corporation and Sherwin Williams. Goyal said the company is always pushing forward, just as technology continues to evolve.

“In 2016, Apurva Panidhar, a solutions architect, stepped up to drive the branding and business development efforts,” said Goyal. By the end of 2018, after auditing the customer base, Goyal and her team decided to focus on government customers and work on better serving the public sector market.

“We are looking to grow our client base in government and want to be at the forefront of helping government agencies modernize their IT systems,” said Goyal. “Our vision also includes growing our resource pool, adding more people who are passionate about technology and using their expertise to build amazing solutions for our customers.”

With Goyal leading the efforts, 6e Technologies has created a Board of Advisers. 6e Technologies is also certified as WOSB, DBE and MBE and Goyal has become a thought leader with the Forbes Tech Council.

She said the success of the company relies solely on the leaders, and leaders must be willing to listen and learn. For her leadership style and work as a thought leader in technology, Goyal has earned a spot as a Titan of industry.

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Fun Fact:

Komal is an amazing cook and enjoys hosting people.


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