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Kathy Knudsen Healthbreak Inc 1

Kathy A. Knudsen

Founder & President

Healthbreak, Inc.

Location: Golden, CO

Founded: 1990

Industry: Worksite Wellness

Kathy Knudsen knows that the success of a company begins with a strong core.

A natural entrepreneur, Knudsen has built her worksite wellness corporation on her two main principles: “you have to risk to grow”, and “you are only as good as your next hire”. Founded in 1990, Healthbreak, Inc., a leading national provider of worksite wellness services and programs, has continued to build mass and momentum. Headquartered in Golden, CO, this woman-owned and managed business serves corporations across the country, creating corporate cultures of wellness. An expert in her field, Knudsen says that the main goal of Healthbreak, Inc., is to help employees embrace and sustain wellness lifestyles, and employers reduce health care expenses and create more empowering and productive cultures.

“I believe that work culture matters and everyone needs purpose,” Knudsen said. “Creating an environment that fosters individuals to find their purpose in their work and remain healthy can translate into employees taking great care of the business.”

And taking care of business has come quite naturally to Knudsen. Over the past three decades, this All-American, three-time Hall of Fame inductee for achievements in women’s collegiate volleyball has translated her winning attitude and ability to lead, define her path in her professional career. She has led the Healthbreak team to create, implement, and manage an array of programs and tools tailored for companies of all sizes, private and public. Healthbreak Inc. is now providing services to employers in 30 states across the country in all industries.

Highly sought after for her consulting experience, Knudsen presently sits on Virgin Pulse’s Client Advisor Board and industry leader, Michael O’Donnell’s Ecosystems for Healthy Lifestyles Advisory Board. Passionate about her community and helping others, Knudsen launched the Healthbreak initiative, Live it! Give it! She said she will continue serving on boards, committees and other initiatives that drive better policies around well-being, preventative health and healthcare costs.

“In the future, I envision providing mentoring and guidance to other businesses and individuals who want to enter this exciting and purposeful industry,” Knudsen said. “The worksite wellness industry is increasingly important to support the health and well-being of working individuals juggling the demands of life.”

Recognized for her vision and innovative management style, Knudsen plans on continuing to lead the ongoing success of Healthbreak, Inc. She knows that being able to compete and continue to thrive in this ever changing and evolving segment of the health and wellness industry is pertinent.

From interest surveys to fitness center management, customized incentive programs to comprehensive wellness program design and everything in between, Knudsen has the unique ability to see the road forward.

“I love to help people find and embrace their strengths, and support them in their personal and professional growth,” Knudsen said. “We create programs that best match individuals’ needs and help move a company into a brighter, more energized future.”

For her commitment to the wellness industry and leadership to drive solutions, Kathy is a visionary that has been recognized as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Her commitment to living her best life is evident in a fun fact that year round Kathy keeps her mountain bike in the office so that she can hit the trails when she has a little free time. This allows her to stay active and fit while providing a meaningful example to her team that each of us is responsible for our own destiny.  And by the way, she can also ride a unicycle!


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